How to Bypass Internet Filters Easily

Simplest Solution: Use a VPN

How to Bypass Internet Filters Without a Proxy
Opening the html file in a web browser should take you to the website you are looking for. UltraSurf will begin running immediately. Thats neither here nor there though. And by the way I am just curious. UltraSurf will download in a ZIP folder. Keep in mind that tethering consumes a large amount of cellular data, meaning that you may incur charges on your bill if you download files, stream video, or browse for too long.

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Is it possible to get around a company web filter?

If the firewall or Internet filter that you're attempting to bypass is on a library, work, or school computer, you most likely won't be able to use a VPN since doing so will require changing your computer's settings. Unlike proxies, VPNs will hide any online browsing while they are active. Most VPNs are free to test, but eventually cost a small monthly fee or a discounted annual one.

Subscribe to your VPN. If your VPN uses a different type of network than is the default, you'll see information about it as well. Open your computer's or phone's VPN Settings page. The steps for doing so vary depending on your operating system and whether you're using a computer or a mobile item: Windows - Open Start.

Enter your VPN's details. This section will vary depending on the kind of VPN you're using, what kind of authentication your VPN requires, and more. If you have any questions about which information to use, check your selected VPN's "Help" page. Save your VPN's configuration. Once you've finished entering your VPN's information, do the following: Windows - Click Save at the bottom of the page. Connect to the VPN. Again, this will vary depending on your platform: Once you're connected to the VPN, you should be able to use any online service without being restricted.

Make sure that your carrier allows tethering. Not all carriers allow this feature, though many carriers will unlock tethering on your smartphone upon request and, in some cases, a small fee. The easiest way to ensure that your smartphone allows tethering is by calling your carrier and asking. Turn off your smartphone's Wi-Fi. Plug your smartphone's charger into the computer. The rectangular USB 3. Attach your smartphone to the charger cable. Plug the other end of the charger cable into the bottom of your iPhone or Android.

Enable hotspot tethering for your smartphone. This will vary depending on whether you're using an iPhone or an Android: Select your smartphone as the Internet connection. On most computers, your smartphone's connection will immediately be prioritized due to its Ethernet standing; if not, click the "Wi-Fi".

Since you're connected to a cellular network and not the Internet in your current location, you should be able to bypass any restrictions in this way. Keep in mind that tethering consumes a large amount of cellular data, meaning that you may incur charges on your bill if you download files, stream video, or browse for too long. Not Helpful 32 Helpful A VPN is really the only option from this list that works for phones besides proxies, which most university IT depts.

Not Helpful 17 Helpful Will the last method work for my personal laptop that I bring to school? Not Helpful 5 Helpful If a site is blocked using the built-in web filter configured using system preferences and parental controls , you can't bypass it without logging into an account that doesn't have parental controls enabled.

If it's blocked using an external proxy server, just change your browser settings to connect directly to the internet. Not Helpful 6 Helpful 6.

These methods should work fine, even in China. Ultrasurf is perfectly safe. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. I used a V. I have a Mac. What can I do? Have you tried using the UltraSurf proxy yet? Since the VPN route was blocked by your network administrator, maybe you should try the proxy listed. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1. Which technique is most effective for getting around a system that only prevents me from downloading videos and visiting social media sites?

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. If a blocker turns off the internet, is there anything that can solve that problem? Not Helpful 7 Helpful 0. Answer this question Flag as What can I do to get around a Sophos firewall and access.

How do I get through a school firewall? At work there is a filter on the internet that restricts access to sights like facebook and myspace. How do I go about bypassing those filters. I am on a limited account so I have no access to command prompt or the registry. Is there a program or something else I can do to? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? The firewalls are designed so you cant get out. And if you have a limited account then you can forget about it.

Congrats to your company for having good security controls. Be sure to uncheck 'remove objects' if you need flash and stuff. System Admin 8 Yrs. Related Questions Bypass Internet Filter? How can I bypass internet filters at my school? Anyone know how to bypass internet filters in a school?

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The web is supposed to be open, but behind the scenes, content filters are often busy controlling what you see. The filters could be at your school or workplace, blocking sites such as the time. How To: Bypass work & school filters to unblock websites Bypass the web filter set up on your school's computer network Some school firewalls will fail to block subdomains. For example, wonderhowto might be blocked but wow-cataclysm-guides.tkhowto is allowed. Reply. 1. Abigail Garlitz 1 year ago. Bypass web filters at school or work. Click through to watch this video on Christian Lopez - I was tired of searching for proxys that were blocked, so i found and it rocks!!!!!!!!