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We are curently in development but are looking for trustworthy and reliable staff members. We will be adding more. InfamousPvP Just starting out, needing staff and builders to get the servre going! And welcome to the JustFriends network! SQL Server includes many new Database Engine features, enhancements, and performance improvements.

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I am looking for people to help build a spawn for the server. This server is based on wool. I need help and Staff: Join now we are hiring need staff! Join now and come play! We need Staff and Donators!

If you have what it takes join now! Hurry first 10 people to join get Vip! A brand new server having loads of fun with friends! Loads of Fun, its NEW, there will be towny, custom minigames, duels, parkour, and more! We are looking for staff! Canadians get free ranks! Sedentary Survival is a new survival experience that aims to create a friendly community and environment for all players alike. We provide you with fun gameplay and a community that allows you to express your inner creativity, and explore the limits of what Minecraft survival can be.

With fun plugi 1. Accepting Staff Members Until April 23 ! Hello welcome to our server we consist of kitpvp and we are trying to gain more players, staff as well as more kits. The best new server in the Minecraft Universe.

Ran entirely by mature staff who are well versed in running a Minecraft server. Some of our plugins include: We also have a Discord Server. The only protection you have is how well you are at concealing a base and the distance you travel from spawn.

Join today for a small, fun community! We are a new mc server and need Players!!!! UnlimitedNation is a beta server that will be a factions server. We also need staff because its such a new server. Developer is also needed. StraightUpSurvival is a competitive style server. Raiding, griefing, and pvp are encouraged. We do not support any sort of added plugin protection. No one can claim land, lock chests, or disable PVP. Hello everyone and welcome to the CarbonPVP! Today we are glad to say that we are in open beta on our factions server!

A lot of the server features are available but we have this public beta for a chance to fix bugs and errors in the server. Existential Gaming is a new server that just got started. CagedSMP is a family friendly minecraft survival server. We have very limited plugins and only have what we think we need to. We have a very nice and respectful community for. OozeCraft is a family friendly PVE server featuring a large variety of creative, fun plugins and an even larger variety of different types of users!

Gameplay is set to hard m. SlimeArcade has Unique Minigames coded from scratch to bring much fun to all of your friends! You need it for potion effe. To counteract that, we will reward any confirmed bugs that are reported with Version: Just Friends Network Hello! GeoCraft GeoCraft is a skyblock server for 1. KrustyFactions Who ever joins first gets spawners and bedrock!!! MineVortex An awesome friendly modded minecraft community.

Our staff are experienced and friendly and willi Version: HollowCraft A fun server with minigames and great staff! We will be adding more Version: We have a nice server where you can play with youre friends [NL] FantasyWorld is een wereld waar jou drome Version: Looking forward t Version: MiracleCraft Welcome to MiracleCraft!

And most of al Version: PixelWar Pixelwar is a factions server with faction upgrades, custom enchants, gem boosters and more! Sotw for HcF starts on th Version: Thyrilia - Minecraft server Thyrilia a regular survival towny server, but it has some extra fun stuff to it: The server was c Version: Fend for your val Version: SkyCentral This is a skyblock server, and we need staff!

This is a skyblock server, and we need Version: Watch as we bring this cinder to a roar Version: To get high Version: Opaque This server is literally for whoever wants to hang out. It has at the moment a chill zone where you can do things like gamble and do Version: Skyland II Ignore that version behind the curtain, this web site is out of date!

Nifty new hub, ways to buy armor and swords cause Version:


43 rows · Minecraft Recent Servers. Here you will find the absolute newest servers added to our Minecraft Server List. Some people like to join fresh new servers - if that is your taste, well then browse through the servers on this page - and keep coming back as we get many new servers added daily. 31 rows · Newest Servers List. List of newest servers added to . 51 rows · This is a server with a new and completely custom gamemode - Kingdoms. .