Duo with Web VPN Connection

Software VPN

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For this reason, peer to peer p2p file sharing programs as well as internet gaming and other recreational, high-bandwidth applications are not allowed on the VPN. The VPN appliance handles connections for all users through the same Mb interface. The campus VPN provides off-campus users access to university resources not normally available to remote users and is thus a critical resource. However, if you want to use an alternative device or method, click on the "Cancel" button on your computer screen and you will have the option to select a different enrolled device or a different Duo method. Error Messages We have a list of common error messages in the next section. Once your HS username and password has been authenticated successfully, you will be presented with the Duo two-factor authentication on your computer. Peer-to-peer file sharing services and other high-bandwidth applications should not be used while using the VPN service.

Mac VPN Configuration

Connect from Off-Campus

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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Web VPN An activated UCINetID is required to access the UC Irvine Libraries' premium resources from off-campus. If you are a UCI student, faculty or staff member, please CLICK HERE to connect. The "UCI" Group is a 'split tunnel' versus the "UCIFull" Group which is a full tunnel. The "UCI" Group is useful for staff & faculty who need access to some online resources while off campus (e.g. their work computer in their office) but don't need to tunnel all of their traffic through the VPN.