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The most popular extension ever is used by tens of millions of users everyday. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. In addition, the icon now opens a bubble that shows your personal "ad stats" how many ads have you blocked all-time? I have several virus protectors and the popup blocker on. Was this article helpful? But at least one online video provider cbs.

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AdBlock Plus fits both of those criteria perfectly. It installs and is ready to go in seconds and snuffs out ads all over the Web. If you use Google Chrome, there's no reason to surf without it. Block annoying ads for free with the most popular extension ever. Block all annoying ads on all the sites you visit with the most powerful adblocking tool available! Adblock Plus for Chrome automatically removes ads from YouTube, Facebook, news sites and everywhere else.

In order to support free content, non-intrusive ads are allowed by default so you can still block them all if you want. Adblock Plus for Chrome blocks: Adblock Plus for Chrome also offers extra tools that give you control over your privacy. For instance, you can activate features that block tracking, malware and the social media buttons e.

Moreover, the UI has been greatly improved to give you control over your Internet experience. An integrated ad-counter shows how many ads you're blocking on each page. In addition, the icon now opens a bubble that shows your personal "ad stats" how many ads have you blocked all-time? The most popular extension ever is used by tens of millions of users everyday. Supported by hundreds of volunteers from all over the world, we make sure that all the intrusive online advertising are blocked automatically.

A few years back, we introduced the Acceptable Ads initiative. It aims to support websites that rely on advertising by allowing non-intrusive ads that have gone through our whitelisting process. By allowing some ads, you support websites that depend on advertising but choose to do it in a non-intrusive way. You can disable this feature at any time. Download Adblock Plus for Chrome for free and get the best browsing experience. I look at news and sports sites a lot and my son told me about Adblock.

Went to their site and they recommended Adblock Plus for Chrome. It installed in under 10 seconds and in one and a half days it has blocked ads! It gives you a counter of ads it has blocked on the current site and a running total of ads blocked. Can you imagine no ads? Going to have to take my son out to eat, he did me a great favor.

Was this review helpful? I am VERY happy with this app. I hate commercials and advertisements, having been bombarded with them my whole life. Yesterday I hit the wall with my Chrome pages being jammed with ads. Now I spend a few seconds of satisfaction watching the blocked ad counter on my toolbar just rack up the number of ads blocked.

I have my internet life back!! But at least one online video provider cbs. It shows up uninvited on one computer, specifically the one I use for watching TV content.

For the above reason, it's annoying. Some companies like Google paid them to have this software not block their adds. Ok but if a company has enough money they can pay to have their ads not blocked. Rolling ads are gone. Malicious website notifications from ads are gone. Ads inside of websites are mostly gone. I just started with Chrome. I have several virus protectors and the popup blocker on. Chrome struggled to keep up with me, possibly worse than IE.

The computer slowed down to a crawl, possibly due to the potentially malicious sites from the ads I was getting from everywhere or my use. I was seriously thinking about dowsing Chrome because it didn't seem to handling them as well as IE. So last week I re-cloned my hard drive and found Adblock and Plus, took me like 20 minutes to decide on which. I fell in love with it in the first five minutes. Chrome is now doing what it says it should be doing, being better than it's predecessor.

It is like watching commercial free TV! Chrome no longer freezes, I no longer get malicious website notifications.

Like now, I 'only' have three Chromes open and 15 tabs. I'm hard on browsers, I realize that, but each browser is running trouble free. I am no longer having to stop all the time to see what the notifications are from Chrome and other programs. I am no longer running full scans for viruses constantly. I don't have to wait for the ads to load and nothing is going wonkers like it use to.

These notifications, btw, are coming from websites such as Facebook, GSN, etc. Chrome itself was alerting me to a lot of them.

So I'm in love with Adblock because it is allowing me not to be distracted and to use Chrome stress free, which I needed for a couple of websites that I use. A nice background app to go with your browser. Install an extension using your phone On your phone, open the Chrome app. Find the extension you want. Tap Add to Desktop. Install an extension from another website On the developer's website, click Add to Chrome.

You should only add extensions from trusted websites. Review and accept permissions. Open a new tab to complete installation. Install an extension as part of a Windows or Mac application Sometimes, when you install an application on Windows or Mac, it also installs a Chrome extension.

The next time you open Chrome: On your computer, open Chrome. Hide extensions To hide extensions, click the right side of your address bar and drag it to the right.

To see your hidden extensions, click More. Show extensions To show extensions you've hidden, click the right side of your address bar and drag it to the left. Right-click the extension's icons, and select Keep in toolbar. Some extensions don't have this option. On Windows computers, run the Chrome Cleanup Tool.

Remove any software programs that may be affecting Chrome.

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The most popular Chrome extension, with over 40 million users! Blocks ads all over the web/5(K). #1 extension to block annoying popups, popunders & overlays in an easy & effective way. Browse without interference on all sites/5(K). The #1 most downloaded extension for Google Chrome and Safari. 40 million users can't be wrong. It's your browser. What you see should be up to you. AdBlock works automatically, but it only takes two clicks to permanently allow .