[Fix]iPhone Software Update Server Could Not Be Contacted Error

How to Fix iPhone Activation Errors After Software Update / Reset

How to Bypass iCloud Activation iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad
Apple may replace the iPhone if you schedule a Genius Bar appointment. Best iPhone Xs Max Armbands: Plug phone into computer and restore through iTunes. But it's probably my fault for not reading the wipe-instruction in the page developer agreement contract. This is the case even if you no longer have service through your cellular carrier. Other people have reported that you need to download the latest version of iOS 7. Do this while connected to iTunes.

10 Methods to Fix iPhone Activation Error

Stuck on 'Contacting the iPhone activation server' for 3.0 update

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How the iPhone Activation Lock hack works

If the box by iOS Device Activation isn't green, try to activate your iPhone later. If asked to enter your password as you activate your iPhone, enter the password. (A password prompt means that Activation Lock might be enabled . Learn what to do if iTunes can't contact the software update server when you try to restore or update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Nov 14,  · Stuck on 'Contacting the iPhone activation server' «on: November 14, , PM» When I try to Install the WD 5 to my iPhone 3g the iTunes stuck at this point -'Contacting the iPhone activation server'-, and nothing happen.