How to Open YouTube when Blocked in Office

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Quick Way to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in any Country
You may have to try a few different internet anonymous web surfing services or proxies to see which one works best with the firewall that your school or office has. Have you tried spying on iPhone. YouTube has to follow certain rules by legal and governing authorities to stay in the market. Such annoying experience may lead to craving more to watch such videos. Some schools and organizations restrict access to YouTube and other websites. Do share with us via the comment section below. It's possible to view site from a proxy server but my network administrator has disabled java script.

How to View YouTube videos Blocked in your Country

How do you view blocked videos on youtube?

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Add-ons for Firefox https: Watch Blocked Youtube Videos. For the best answers, search on this site https: Either the Uploader changed the privacy settings or a copyright infringement finally caught up with video and it was banned in your country.

Looked at the first video. Yep, music videos are the most restricted ones, especially VEVO. I did not think it was possible. You don't, they're blocked. Related Questions How to view blocked youtube videos? I need to block someones IP address from viewing my Youtube videos?

Youtube Video blocked and getting views? It is a perfect example of web is no longer unrestricted. However, this should not be, in any way, categorized under classic example of censorship. There could be several reasons behind such restriction.

First reason could be that the video is only interest specific community people or geographical region. The other reason could be license fee or channel has the rights to broadcast video in certain region only. French Open live streaming on YouTube India channel of Neo sport is the most recent example of latter part. Previously, a simple trick to alter YouTube video link was working perfectly for many months, but of late, it has stopped working.

YouTube found out the loophole and patched it subsequently. Let me show the previously working trick,. The plugin is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers.

The website cites that it loads YouTube video directly from their servers making it free from clutches of geofence. The add-on proclaims that it is totally legal and free from any annoying advertising. The best part is that it is available for free.

It automatically attempts to un-restrict the blocked YouTube video. It will automatically attempt to serve through different proxies. The plugin is far from perfect but works flawlessly in most of the cases. ProxTube is a great plugin, however, it does have one big restriction. It works in Germany, Netherland, Spain etc.

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Jul 14,  · No doubt, YouTube is one the best source to grab and learn things but lot of people wont have access YouTube because of security policy. For above problem, I created chrome extension to access YouTube in blocked areas. Alike Facebook, YouTube is also banned in some countries. If you belong to a country where YouTube is banned but you want to watch YouTube videos by bypassing the restriction, do check out these solutions. Here are some interesting workarounds to access YouTube when it is blocked / banned in office, college or school. There are thousands of proxy sites available which hides your IP address or masks it. Hidemyass and a few other sites are good examples of how to enjoy restriction free internet. Users should practice laws in your country before attempting to watch blocked or banned YouTube videos. Conclusion. In an internet nothing is truly restricted.