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To switch on the popper you need to plug it into the socket directly. This Cuisinart air popper is a great looking small appliance that would make an elegant style statement in your kitchen. If you only plan on making popcorn for you and one other person, this might not be much of a factor. They have samples set up for every type of popcorn and if not, they'll provide one upon request. Buy the perfect one and enjoy sharing the popcorn with your family and friends. We are afraid to use the pan now, as more coating pieces may flake off in the popcorn.


8 Best Popcorn Poppers of 2018 Reviewed

Loved the caramel crisp - just the right amount of sweetness and crunch. Cheese was okay, reminded me of the cheesy popcorn you'd find at supermarkets. On the negative side, the cheesecorn sticks to your fingers like crazy - like you went through a bag of Doritos. Simple spot and good price. Next time would opt for just the Caramel popcorn. This is always on my list of places to go to whenever in Chicago. This was a staple on "Oprah's Favorite Things" - and this is most certainly one of mine!

The popcorn is popped fresh right in front of you, and the taste is out of this world! I'm telling you that THIS will do something sensational to your taste buds! My boyfriend and I shared it and it was still a little left over. It's a little messy, as your fingers and hands will be covered with the cheese, it's well worth it they even give you wet wipes - nice and thoughtful touch.

Good thing I stopped at this location because later I walked by the one over on Ontario and the line was, literally, out the door and down the block. Kettle Korn and other flavors are available in Small, Medium, and Large bags.

You can even get a special deal when purchasing decorative tins. When a giant container was brought out during my visit several kids when "Oooooooh! That, my fellow Yelpers, is love. This was a great service experience and I really enjoyed visiting this store. All three staff members were friendly, accommodating and patient with me as I decided exactly what I wanted. The prices at the stand alone store seems to be a tad bit lower than the one in the airport. I think everything in the airport is overly expensive just because.

They should be investigated for price gouging. Okay, I digressed, back to Garrett's. This was my second time visiting this business and will always be a favorite of mine when in Chicago. I don't like popcorn. I dint like caramel.

That being said, I ate a whole small bag of the Cashew Caramelcorn by myself. My wife got a small bag for everyone and even though I said I didn't need one, she knew better. This popcorn was delicious. Today the credit card machine wasn't working so it was lucky for us that my wife happened to have some Christmas cash in hand.

This is within walking distance of the Palmer House hotel so that makes it a good stop for a snack for the trip home. They have a variety of corns available such as You can get it in bags or speciality tins. Runs cost more, but you get the souvenir tin so there's that.

Keep in mind that the corns with nuts come in smaller bags than the others. Anyway, it's worth the stop and they have multiple spots close by so look it up and put it on your list when in Chi Town. The popcorn is fantastic, get the Chicago Mix. You almost certainly won't be disappointed.

Sorry not sorry for your new addiction. But everyone knows this already. What you might not know, and the reason for this 2 star review, is that Garrett will sell out before closing time. You'll check Yelp, see that the store is open for another 30 minutes, hurry over, and they'll tell you sorry, we're out. So you'll rush even faster to another store a couple of blocks away and the same thing will happen.

This is incredibly irritating. Opening the next day was unhelpful as I had an early train out of the city. I'm sure Garrett doesn't need my money or care about this review, but maybe I'll spare others the tastebud heartache of getting shut out. The posted store hours are just a suggestion apparently. It would be nice if Garrett would revise their posted hours to indicate that they will not make fresh popcorn if they sell out after a certain time.

I'll probably continue to eat their popcorn, but I certainly have had better service. I can say this is the last time I'll go out of my way to visit one of their shops. If you are in Chicago, you should try Garrett's popcorn!

They have samples for different types of popcorn. Even if there's a line, the staff is efficient at getting to everyone!

The last time I was in they even made popcorn fresh for me so it was worth the wait! The only problem is that this popcorn is dangerously delicious and you won't be able to put the bag down so plan accordingly! Zero wait at this location and staff was wonderfully friendly and sweet. They have samples set up for every type of popcorn and if not, they'll provide one upon request. Was trying to buy little thank you gifts for friends and wanted to order the bacon flavored cheesy popcorn, but they were sold out.

Opted for a big bag of cheesy popcorn and a small for their caramel pecan. Preferred the savory over the sweet options bc they over-saturate the popcorn with caramel topping even though I have a sweet tooth, it was like eating chunks of solid caramel toffee, bleh. I'm not sure if this popcorn is anything special and prices are fairly steep. If someone got me some cheesy popcorn, I'd be grateful and gladly partake, but wouldn't personally go out of my way to buy some.

Everyone kept saying Go to Garretts.. Im so gald I went to Garretts! How can you make popcorn which taste so premium above others? I dont know but I like it. I ate the whole darn thing.. I shared a little bit but not much! I will now be getting Garretts when ever I am in a area that has them!

They had samples up on the counter to try when you first walk in. The prices are a little steep for popcorn. I bought the cheddar cheese and caramel popcorn in the Chicago tin, which shows a cityscape. It is guaranteed to last up to 2 weeks in the tin. I watched her use a heat gun to seal the tin so I am not worried about the freshness at all.

I wish they had more options for flavored ones. It was pretty much cheddar, buttered, caramel, or caramel with different nuts in it. For the nut ones, they only had pecan or cashew as options and I don't like either of those.

I also don't like cheddar so if I was buying for myself I would be extremely limited. First impression - where was the glorious smell of the shop by the Magnificent Mile? Thus, our hopes were lowered for the Garrett found a walk away from the Art Institute of Chicago. But still, it was Garrett. And we were here for a snack to munch on. However, as we dug in outside their door, we observed them locking the door and putting away the line dividers.

It was only 5: By the time we got home that evening and were peckish for a nighttime snack, we found that the cheese covered popcorn had gotten soft, and didn't really enjoy that. Essentially, all popcorn poppers fall in 2 categories: Within the latter category, that heat source is either the microwave or the stovetop. With just high heat and a revolving fan, air poppers do a great job of making fat-free popcorn.

Of course you could separately melt butter and add it in after if you really wanted to. Most popcorn machines that require oil or butter will automatically mix the butter in with the popcorn. Considering the size is important when deciding which popcorn maker to buy. Air popper machines are usually the smallest appliance, because they require a separate bowl to collect the popped kernels.

Microwave and stovetop poppers can easily be stored nesting with your other bowls and cooking pots. Electric countertop poppers will take up the most space. Especially when you are investing in a retro style movie popcorn machine. If you have regular family movie nights, you need a popcorn maker that can produce more than one serving. With most small appliances, function is more important than appearance.

This here is one of my favorites: Meaning it will likely still be good years later if you keep it dry. This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This does not reflect my opinion of any popcorn popper listed though. Thank you for your support in making Leelalicious possible.

I really appreciate it! In my opinion the most stable iptv boxes are those from Fishbone cccam I would like to see more posts like this Thanks. I have the biggest popper and the inside top of machine is galvanized, not stainless steel and it seems to start to rust after several uses. So keep it wiped dry after each use. Getting the biggest one you listed. Not running a business where I need a commercial popcorn popper but I think it would be a terrific machine to have in my basement for when all the grand-kids come over or I have my buddies over watching the gray cup or Stanley cup for that matter.

Great article Regina, I Enjoy making popcorn to my kids and family, so I like how you reviewed all the popcorn poppers types, in my opinion hot air popcorn maker is the best one, because its more healthy than other ones, it uses hot air to pop without using oil, and it help anyone making popcorn easily with no skills needed, Thanks!

I especially enjoy the fact that you added information about environmental effect, not enough people are thinking in that way, and perhaps your article can inspire them to or, in the very least, remind them to. I already own an Orville Redenbacher Presto that works great. I used to do microwave popcorn until I found out some of the dangers you mention above.

Once I found those out, I switched to popping my own like you suggest. Your email address will not be published. Click here to check out the latest price, more details and reviews. Sign up to receive healthy recipes in your inbox: Comments Hello Nice share. On top of that, we averaged only four unpopped kernels!

Although there were a lot of things we liked about the West Bend Stir Crazy popcorn popper, there were some serious issues with it as well. First off, flipping the popper upside-down turning the cover into a bowl is a dicey proposition. After popping, everything except the small handles are hot. We also found that the West Bend would sometimes make sounds when popping corn. However after using it several times, it seems that the metal stirrers just make that noise sometimes.

Without oil, the popcorn simply will not pop — but it will burn! Finally, the bowl is somewhat challenging to clean up. While removing oil and leftovers from the base is fairly easy, the plastic bowl requires some hot water, soap, and a bit of effort. The bottom line is that the West Bend Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper is an excellent option for those who are only looking to pop their corn with oil, and are willing to overlook the ergonomic challenges posed by this particular popcorn maker.

The Wabash Popcorn Popper is a classic product, which is why we wanted to test it ourselves. While the this popper does make tasty popcorn, ultimately you are better off with one of our two top picks. Namely, the fact that you have to manually stir the handle for several minutes while the popcorn pops. While this might be fun to do the first few times, ultimately it is simply a less effective and less flexible way to make your popcorn.

The Presto PopLite was the only finalist we tested that was an air popper. While there are benefits associated with using an air popper not needing oil, ability to quickly make multiple batches of popcorn in succession , there were issues with the Presto PopLite Air Popper that we felt outweighed thought benefits.

The biggest issue we had with the Presto popper was the fact that it came with a California Proposition 65 warning, due to the BPA that that Presto popper is made with. Less critical, but still noteworthy was the fact that the Presto PopLite shoots the popped kernels in a pretty wide spread, which meant that we needed a large bowl to capture the popped kernels — and even then a couple managed to escape the bowl.

In addition, this popper became very hot while in use. Not only did the components heat up, but the air about a foot in front of the popper was distinctly hot as well. The first negative sign came when we opened the box and a strange, borderline foul odor came from the materials inside. Next, it took three of us nearly 20 minutes to figure out how to actually set up the popper.

The design itself is also lacking. You could just let it stay closed, but the user manual specifically instructs against that. The popcorn from the Great Northern popper was tasty, but both of our best picks can do the same, with much less hassle and much less expense. The Presto PowerPop was an interesting product to test. Presumably, they help distribute the heat so that the there are fewer unpopped kernels.

The obvious downside to this is that these power concentrators need to be replaced after several uses, and while they are inexpensive, it is a hassle and an additional expense that other popcorn makers simply do not have. The power concentrators would be an acceptable compromise, however, if the Presto PowerPop did in fact leave little to no kernels unpopped.

Unfortunately, the PowerPop did worse than all of our other finalists. To ensure that this was accurate, we conducted 10 different tests with the PowerPop, using three different power concentrators, and the results stayed the same. Part of that certainly has to do with the fact that we always make sure to clean it after use.

While it is fun to bring out the West Bend for guests, the large size of the popper, along with noisy operation and challenging cleanup make it a noticeably-less convenient popcorn popper for everyday use.

On top of that, you can in fact save money that you can spend on important things like wine for your movie night by using a popcorn popper instead of microwave popcorn bags. If you want a popcorn popper with more capacity and more fun to watch , the West Bend Stir Crazy Electric Popcorn Popper is a strong option as well. Affordable, portable, versatile, and somehow good for you, too. Join our weekly blog newsletter to get notified of the best products available for your home.

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