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High Speed Internet Service Providers by Zip Code in my Area

Even at the Basic plan offering, though, a k to k download speed will feel much fasterthan slower technologies like modems or ISDN, for example. If your bandwidth needs are relatively light you can probably get away with a 1Mbps plan.

For more aggressive users who need faster and higher bandwidth for gaming, streaming movies, etc, you will want to look at the higher services levels of the Pro and Elite service levels. This is especially true if you happen to download large files or are a heavy user of FTP and need to transfer many small files. You also tend to encounter less video buffering with higher bandwidth plans like DSL Pro.

This plan is for the truly bandwidth-hungry internet user. Streaming everything, downloading voluminous amounts of video and other content all can be accomplished with the Elite package. For less modest broadband requirements you would do well to look at they next higher plan referred to as Enhanced. You don't need phone service to order this plan.

Direct DSL Pro offers varying speeds. A 4MB file of music can be downloaded in as little as 26 seconds with this plan. Their advanced networking wireless modem offers features like fast speeds for data in virtually any room of your house. Installation is free and can be self installed. This is a great internet-only plan for games and high-bandwidth users who want a stable connection with room to grow and a great ping.

There are very few of these that can actually match the performance of CenturyLink. These packages come with upload speeds of up to 5 Mbps. This is perfect for your internet needs at home and on the go. With this plan you will get anywhere from 1. This is plenty for bandwidth-heavy applications like viewing movies online, gaming and map downloads and the like.

Qwest Bundle Packages Build your own bundle with Qwest! Combine your local home phone service, long distance, broadband high speed Internet, and TV all on one Qwest bill and save big!

If they are available in your area, they tend to out perform comparable internet services in terms of speed and raw bandwidth. Verizon's network is top of the line and growing every month. You can't go wrong. With this high speed service plan anyone can perform and work with all kinds of Internet applications. For game enthusiasts young and old who have all the time to play, the service offers optimum online gaming performance, day in and day out. Verizon Double Play Bundle Package This first bundle includes just the basics -- fast, broadband access to the Internet and regional phone service.

The monthly price, plus any taxes and fees, is something that most households can handle, but you will want to make sure that it offers everything you want in terms of features, price and performance.

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DSL Internet Availability FAQ. Is distance from my phone company important when checking availability for DSL providers by zip code? Yes. The further away that you are from your DSL provider's access points, the less likely that you will be able to get the highest possible DSL speeds offered. Cities by ZIP Code™ For more rapid delivery, please use the recommended or recognized city names whenever possible for this ZIP Code ™. Find high speed internet service providers in my area by zip code. Check local availability for DSL, FiOS fiber optic, satellite dish, wireless and more.