Why should we pay for a tv licence?

SABC TV licences and debt collection: OUTA’s answers to frequently asked questions

How to save £8,000 by never paying for the TV Licence
Don't pay, ignore their letters. Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to hear about exclusive competitions , the best deals and the latest news. A fine for a TV licensing offence can only be levied following successful prosecution at the Magistrate's Court: Section of the Act makes it against the law to install or use a television receiver to watch or record any television programmes as they are being broadcast without a TV Licence. If you have a TV but don't watch it, you don't need a licence. Can my mother legally take the car?

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Not paying your SABC TV licence – don’t stress

But thanks to a recent update to the TV licence law, the amount of content you can watch is more limited. And using iPlayer without a TV licence is illegal, too. Illegal, too, without a TV licence because although you may watch later, your TIVO box, VHS player or whatever you record with is capturing the content while it is being broadcasted live.

Technically, there is nothing physically stopping you from watching live streams on these services. While streaming live TV sans -licence is illegal, TV Licensing inspectors would need to prove you are doing it when they come to call. But considering they catch people a day, apparently, it does happen and they have equipment they can deploy to prove what they need to. With that said, the BBC will require you to register personal details if you wish to keep using iPlayer from early It has said it will not use login details to catch TV licence dodgers but that may not always be the case.

This is against the iPlayer terms of service. But you could download content before you go and watch it abroad providing you do so within 30 days of it airing. No — a TV licence is needed to watch programmes as they are shown on TV , no matter which TV channel or platform is showing them.

There is a weird catch for students, actually. You can watch Channel 4 shows on your laptop, or watch ITV content on your games console and Channel 5 shows on your phone.

Books from your local library if you still have one are also free, as is fresh air and sunlight where available. Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to hear about exclusive competitions , the best deals and the latest news.

How much does a TV licence cost? Yes as you have a television which can receive UK TV you are required by law to have a licence. Would you sooner have the BBC be funded by general tax revenues, and ire those that don't watch TV at all?

Having to pay a TV license fee isn't against any human rights. TV is a luxury after all. We shouldn't - if everyone stopped paying at the same time we could defeat this evil. Related Questions Do I have to pay tv licence? Planning on paying your TV license? Why do i need to pay TV Licence?

Paying for TV License? Answer Questions Vizio tv login error ? I have a Westinghouse tv with only a power button. I ve been working at it for hours and just want to change the input.

I’d like to save £8,000. How do I opt out?

Your TV Licence fee provides a wide range of TV, radio and online content for you to watch on your TV, mobile or tablet. Learn more here. TV Licence rules changed this month, so everyone who downloads BBC programmes has to pay the fee. But what are we paying for and where does the money go? The TV licensing organisation says the fee provides a range of TV, radio and online content, as well as developing new ways to deliver it. Aug 29,  · A TV is a luxury, if you don't want to pay for a licence then don't buy a TV, it really is that simple. The licence fee funds what is undoubtedly the best Broadcasting service in the world. We are not unique in TV wow-cataclysm-guides.tk: Resolved.