Best VPN Proxy Extensions {2018} for Google Chrome

1. Touch VPN

5 Best Chrome VPN Extensions Reviewed for 2018
And talking about its use, it works somewhat differently from other VPN extensions. As for the two free services we introduced, they are among the best free services you can find. Once you select a country, Hola connects to a server in that country and relead the current browser page through the VPN tunnel. Even common services such as Google has a different search engine for China that will censor search results. Read More , and unrestricted internet access. They can do it to protect local partners or to enforce the scope of their broadcast rights.


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Which is why we've uncovered seven alternatives for you to try. Read More —some of which are completely blocked in certain regions. Rather than being a true VPN, this service is actually an encrypted proxy. TunnelBear boasts some of the fastest speeds of all the VPNs on this list and has servers available in 20 countries worldwide. Betternet offers an unlimited free VPN. Betternet makes money by showing sponsored apps and videos. The VPN itself can be turned on and off with the click of a button.

The app specializes in letting you access geo-blocked content. The developers specifically name-drop Netflix, Pandora, and Amazon in their description.

Lastly, Gom does not keep any logs of your activity, thus protecting you agains prying governments and ISPs. VPNs have many benefits for end users.

It can be something simple like improving your privacy, but it could also be allowing you to navigate to sites such as The Pirate Bay which certain browsers have intentionally deemed to be malicious. Of course, you also need to be alert as to how these services operate. Despite their best claims, if something is free, it often means you are the product. The reality is that if you want percent peace of mind, you should invest in a paid service. We checked Reddit's best subreddits and threads to get the best VPN recommendations.

Your email address will not be published. Never go for free vpn. Rather buy a vpn like PureVPN. It is better to avoid risk of getting spy and losing logs.

Guys free vpn is a risk! Trust me you never know a free vpn would gather your data or spy your internet activities. Rather go for paid vpn like PureVPN which keeps no logs. Hmmm, I doubt that anyone who wants to protect their data for real will use a free VPN, especially where there's plenty of options that don't cost that much.

If you don't want to pay the full prices - look for some discount codes online, I used SURF2Y and purchased a cheaper Nordvpn's subscription. Totally worth the price. Hotspot Shield uses bit encryption and frequently updates its browser add-on. As mentioned, there is a location-limited free version, and a 7-day trial which you can use to thoroughly test the service for full access to all virtual locations and additional options.

Do note, though, that Hotspot Shield is not cheap although the 2-year plan is a good deal with three pricing plans available. As mentioned, the 2-year plan provides the most bang for your buck. The provider manages its global server network in-house, which doubtless helps on the performance front, and indeed we enjoyed good speeds and a stable connection in our testing. You have three price plans at your disposal with the 2-year plan offering the best value for money.

The extension is also lightweight and user-friendly with just a simple couple of clicks needed to get things going. Performance-wise, speeds were solid enough and certainly acceptable. Users have a large server network at their disposal, with over 4, servers and counting across the globe. There are four available plans which come with a day money-back guarantee. With the exception of the monthly subscription, the plans are reasonably affordable with the limited three-year plan being particularly good value.

It offers a simple point-and-click experience, automatically detecting the fastest server available to you based on your region. The free plan does have its limitations: On top of that, there are only 10 server locations and the extension has no advanced features. In our testing, Blockless gave a good account of itself on the performance front, with some fairly fast download speeds — although it was rather inconsistent at times.

This Canadian provider is very user-friendly with some great performance, although longer distances can take a hit. The service is very simple to use and to use the extension, all you need is an email address.

That being said, you can get an extra 1GB if you tweet about TunnelBear, and there is an exclusive TechRadar deal available here that will get you an additional 5GB of data. If you want more protection, the service also has a blocker add-on blocks various tracking for Chrome which works great with the VPN extension.

Free vs. Premium VPNs

How to choose the best Chrome VPN For a Chrome VPN extension, you’ll doubtless be looking to protect your privacy while surfing, and to bypass censorship or unblock geo-restricted content. The NordVPN extension secures your Chrome traffic with strong encryption, which means that no one can decipher your browsing data. create your secure account and pick a plan that suits your needs best. 2. Get the NordVPN extension. The NordVPN encrypted extension for Chrome is lightweight and user-friendly from the first click. . A Google Chrome VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the best way for Chrome users to protect their internet data from invasive corporations, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and snooping governments.