How To Clear the YouTube App's Search History on Android

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How do I clear my Internet browser history?
Log in to YouTube and visit your account's Video Manager page. Help Center Get support YouTube. Follow the instructions below for the YouTube app or mobile site. To help keep your browsing history private, and to free up disk space on your computer, you can clear your local browsing history. View Chrome history Clear Chrome history. To view or delete what you've previously watched on YouTube, check out your watch history. Cookies make wikiHow better.

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How to Clear or delete YouTube Search History on iPhone

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Note: You can access your search history within the YouTube app via the instructions below. Your search history is also saved in your Google Account if search history is turned on. To view and control your saved activity, visit My Activity. Upon reopening the application, your search history will be refreshed and cleared. Step 2: On an Android device, there are a few more steps. Open the application and select the Menu button. Next, tap settings. Under settings, you will see a section titled “Search”. Tap the “Search” section and then tap on “Clear search history”. Windows - How to clear the search history of the Maps app» How-To - Windows 8 Published by jak Latest update on November 22, at PM by owilson.