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Internet ignorance
Thus far the Government may be hedging its bets over the copyright issue, and has refrained from announcing any legislative response to the iiNet lawsuit despite some early off-the-reservation commentary. I do believe that the motivation, patience, and work required to memorize those words will transfer into other areas of personal development and serve that person well, but the simple act of memorization is far less useful. And, the true picture of Black community life and Black community organizations cannot be seen in one Instagram post! And these factors combine to further the spread of violence-inducing misinformation like that featured on JewWatch. Due to the petitions and protests, Google now posts a note about its methods and views as the primary link when searching the word "Jew.

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How do we build lasting faith in the teenagers we love and serve? Find practical resources for youth ministry and parenting here. Discover 6 research-based strategies for integrating young people to create a thriving church. We are creating the most comprehensive resource for urban youth workers today. The Internet is a double-edged sword.

On one hand, it offers access to people and information at a level unparalleled in history. On the other hand, unbridled online usage can lead to unhealthy habits and negative consequences in real life. Especially with the rise in internet access on mobile phones. Unbridled, the online world presents easy opportunities for teens to establish negative habits. Half of teens claimed they would actually change their online behavior if they knew their parents were watching.

The key for parents is to find healthy ways to facilitate transparency with their kids without becoming overbearing. One healthy step in which parents can facilitate this transparency is by engaging their teenager in ongoing dialogue about their online habits.

Parents can set up both responsibility and accountability for online behavior. As students head back to school in the coming weeks, how are you talking with them about their online lives? What to say—and not to say—to your young adult. If you have a comment or an idea different than those expressed on Fox News, people in your own community will hate you with a passion!

If you choose, elect or support someone that calls for equal rights and justice in your city or state and Fox News or some other media devil says get rid of that person, internet idiots will blindly do as white media devils suggest they should do.

We live in a time where young people know who has a big booty, know who has a fancy car, know who won the ghetto street fight, knows who has the cheap hair weave and they know who has the most baby mamas and baby dads.

They get their news from internet posts, chat rooms and places like that. They know who the white woman is that lied about her race is because the white media spent days talking about the woman on their news internet posts. Black life cannot be explained in a Facebook post. And, the true picture of Black community life and Black community organizations cannot be seen in one Instagram post!

If you feel that you must get your information from the internet, at least get some of your news from Black news and information web sites! Internet ignorance is not in your best interest! Dead Man Writing on Amazon. Contact Lucius at www. Internet ignorance Posted by: Carma Henry Posted date: June 25, In: People know these things because these things are posted on the internet.

Internet information jail is still a jail and a digital slave is still a slave!

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The Gantt Report. Internet ignorance. By Lucius Gantt Has the internet become the modern day slave shackles? There are too many young Black people that feel they can’t do anything unless they do it using a digital device! Nov 16,  · Internet Ignorance November 16, December 24, / The Don BroJo The vast majority of the citizens of this great nation, The United States of America, who are, let’s say, at least sixteen years old, have the great power of Google at their fingertips, pretty much 24/7. With the Internet as its promulgating agency, and social media exploiting the vulnerabilities, ignorance has become pandemic. Perhaps this is a logical evolutionary progression, but at no time in.