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1. Limited Regional Selections

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Like you said, far from perfect but still great. I wanted to give Netflix a chance and it failed after 2 minutes! Perfect, What's up with putting others down? Apart from things like sport and news, Netflix gives you far more content at your fingertips. Another reason to avoid NetFlix is they recently changed the rating system so you could not rate shows negatively visible to other users. No one mentioned their DVD at home plan which I also have with the streaming plan and which also has gone downhill.

2. An Outdated Library

I keep finding top 10 or 20 lists but none of the things are available here. I found a list of the top 20 documentaries and searched for them all. Not a single one was available. If there's a limited selection they should drop the price. Pretty sad how there are so many morons in these comments. Like the moron who thinks you don't own your DVD , yeah you do it doesn't just vanish into thin air when the license expires you tool.

Whats more sad is the amount of people that fail to realize there is a world outside of US and Canada home to the majority of the population of 6 billion people where netflix is a joke with a terrible library in 's of countries with bad internet that don't have the luxury of streaming high def video. What's even more sad is the amount of idiots who feel like they not it all and what the type with their grubby fingers applies to the whole world when in reality the just like to hear them self speak when others would rather the shut up.

I wish Netflix would do away with their dvd rentals and do purely streaming. It's really annoying that some movies and shows are only available on dvd. I would gladly pay a few dollars more for more content. I just don't want the hassle of mailing dvds back. You don't have to mail them back. Well you do if you want to cancel your service, you will get billed till you return them. The problem with streaming, and why I don't use it is they don't give you the extra features on the disks.

I would not mind play a a dollar or two more if I could watch all TV shows and movies on Netflix with out have to also subscribe to Netflix's DVD servive as well. I don't have cable, Netflix, Hulu Funny thing is, life exists beyond the TV. Amused when people talk about spending weekend catching up on Game of Thrones or whatever else is popular I was out backpacking experiencing life vs passively sitting on my arse as a voyeur.

Thank you hiking diva. I was getting annoyed at the blatant bias of Netflix, and you reminded me that life is precious and I will only get one. Perfect, What's up with putting others down? How do they effect your backpack fetishes.

America has become so hateful. With the exception of Netflix Original series, their content is horrible. Old, mediocre movies with a few recent additions, but not enough. Their selections "Just for you" do not match any of my interests no matter how much I adjust my profile.

Loss of Channel Surfing - Are you serious? Hey WhoCares, I'm not sure what you're getting at because I actually did say in section 2 that Netflix's strength is binge-watching! I don't think channel surfing and binge-watching are the same thing as channel surfing is more about flipping through the channels and stumbling across random shows that seem interesting enough to watch.

Most points are just so weak and even off base. What I miss most, is the potty breaks I don't know I'd consider the whole DVD comparison though I have too much "stuff" as it is I'm rather fine "renting" from the cloud You miss "Potty Breaks"!? Like you can't just pause the damn movie or TV show? The fewer people watch television, the less money those pricks make and the more they'll be inclined to either pawn off their stuff to streaming services quickly, or to in my humble opinion the superior option just die.

What the hell is this? This is literally a third world country problem. If your garbage government can't keep your anti-trust oversight in check, and you're still on sub 60mbit in goddamn , the answer is not to not get Netflix, it's to man the hell up and change whoever is at the wheel because he's a piss poor driver.

Let's go crazy and say That's 2 series box sets on blu-ray. What mongoloid chooses owning and watching two series in a year over the potential thousands upon thousands of hours spent watching the Netflix library? I want to see a van Gogh I don't buy one, I pay 5 euros entry to a musuem and revel in the memory, not the possession.

What are you, 5? Christ's green asshole man do you need mom to come over and tell you what to put on your bread every morning as well? I've never in my life heard anyone unironically argue that choice is bad. It's like going to a restaurant and complaining when the waiter hands you a menu, then demanding the chef just makes "whatever he feels like". What goddamn tool wrote this clickbait piece of crap article? If it wasn't some 55 year old, watching his AMC stock shit itself, tears in his eyes, I'll eat my router and spend a week zapping through bullshit reruns of friends on television, standing up and replaying a hamlet scene every commercial break.

Wanting the mega channels to die off is not good for anyone, they provide a ton of content at high quality, and supply a fair amount of Netflix programming. As for data caps and connection, these are valid concerns for those not in metropolitan areas.

The ownership of the product is still a fair thought, a small issue for the price, but still it is a thought. As for channel surfing, I actually enjoy that at times, I had forgotten how much as i have had only Netflix for so long that I don't use cable, but used it recently and kinda enjoyed flipping through channels.

An extremely minor negative, but the writer made it clear that it was a very minor thought. To go deeper into the internet connection thing, there are worries about this, not even just in rural areas, but for people that cannot afford high speed internet, just because you have the funds and connection doesn't mean everybody does. I live in a city but just a bit outside of the city is a hill area, a friend lives up there and internet connection is simply sad, no matter how much they pay.

This article actually isn't bad, and the writer states a few times that certain things are small gripes, and that they really like the service, but when reviewing something, you do have to touch on the things that might be an issue for some people.

WE have only just got Netflix here in Thailand, I have no idea if it will be any good but with luck the trial period will help me decide.

If you do why cant to copy and distribute it? Can't really answer that, sorry! Digital ownership is a grey area which is why there have been so many lawsuits over the past decade. No one mentioned their DVD at home plan which I also have with the streaming plan and which also has gone downhill. I've been a paying subscriber since inception practically and used to praise them to anyone who would listen. Now, not so much. In the beginning it was the best deal on the planet, hands down.

Then the subscription price "doubled". I complained but no doubt, it was still a great deal. At one time I could feasibly receive two DVD's a week through the mail and now it's one if I'm lucky. To me that's like another "doubling" of the price again.

Their "value" is continuing to shrink and I would imagine their membership is eventually going to suffer. I suppose their solution will be to raise prices and reduce services "again". Now I'm looking for other options to rid myself of cable exclusively for my wife and Netflix. I never imagined me saying that about Netflix but, cable must go first!!! Talk about a real money pit! Cable is the worst. So Netflix, if you're reading this article and comments, please revive the old Netflix and I'll sing your praises for years to come.

Otherwise, you'll go the way of the dodo bird I've never used Netflix for its DVD mailing service but those are some interesting points you've made. Thanks for sharing, Ray! I have the 3 disks, so I have one, one is mailed, and I return one. The other week I had 6 disks show up in two days. Thee only thing I miss is the old customer listings.

Found some obscure movies through those recommendations that were good. The regional variation in libraries is a bit on the painful side. However, overall it's no different to 'normal TV'. Sure, N might not have TV shows I want, but when channel surfing I'm restricted to what's currently being broadcast anyway. Worse, you'll often discover shows halfway through a season, and that's annoying.

But nether would Free or Pay TV. Apart from things like sport and news, Netflix gives you far more content at your fingertips.

You can't get the cd's through the mail there? The stargate series was the longest. So hours each one. There is nothing that can pique my interest that much that I would watch episode after episode after episode of it. DO yourself a favor, ditch Net"Trix", grab a book and learn something, or leave your couch and join the real world again!

There's nothing inherently magical about books. There are good books and bad books, and TV shows can be just as enriching as books. I think the strangest movie I got was Sweetbacks Badassss Song. Rated R, but in the extras had some pictures of the marquis of theater and the lines out front had it marked 'X'.

Wow you just nailed it. They had me run away from them at VPN restriction war. I am in Canada and when you compare what you have in USA and what we have here , it is ridiculous. I got 4 view at the same time plan including Ultra HD. We have unlimited Internet at home. I kept trying to find new VPN addresses. When I get one, it just took Netflix few days to block it.

One day I got so mad and I cancelled Netflix for good and replaced it with Kodi. I might not be able to watch kodi on my smart TV or Ps4, but definitely I can screen mirror my phone on my TV and play kodi from my phone. The others in my house have the opportunity to watch kodi on a pc or on one of several laptops we have. You see, I knew about kodi long time ago and I liked it way better than any streaming out there.

The reason that I didn't want to make it popular in my house was that I don't want to teach the kids bad habits of getting free stuffs without paying for the service. Eventually I introduced them to kodi and I didn't tell them it costs money or not. You said that Netflix would adjust the quality of the video according the interenet connection. Wow that is a rip off just right there! When I learned from you this fact, I felt satisfied that I let go Netflix few months ago.

Thank you for this important article! The regional limits are probably the worst part about Netflix, and the recent crackdown on VPNs is just so terrible I know they're being pressured into it though. Sorry to hear that, Suleiman. And it's not easy to get back to the credits, at least not with the interface on Roku. Nor is there any documentation about a work-around, afaik. I unsubscribed mainly because their movie library is shrinking, not growing. I don't care about their original productions.

Additionally; I was put off by their tactics with mobile subscribers. That was very underhanded. I'm already a Prime member, so I don't see anything unique with Netflix versus what I have with Amazon.

Hulu--on the other hand--distinguishes itself from both Netflix and Amazon. Netflix has a lot of stuff that Amazon doesn't. Then again, you're probably paying for the free shipping so Prime Video is just a bonus that you're taking advantage of, right? And yup, Hulu has done a great job differentiating itself from those other two!

But you still retain physical possession. It can't suddenly just vanish, never to be seen again, shades of That's from about titles down to about , or a little over one third. There are still people with data cap on landline plans?

Actually the real issue is with the regional limitations. That's just not fair. And all that because the majors want to keep their power on what their customers we are allowed to watch Not deep in the say, latest comcast news are we then I take it?

It's only been one of the top tech news stories for the last year or so. Try searching 'Comcast testing data caps' and 'Comcast data cap complaints' and see what you've been missing.

Yes, regional choices and almost no up to date content on Netflix are an issue, but if you can't watch them anyway, then there simply is no point. Bottom line, companies like Comcast imposing "fairness" data caps, because it's fair to their bottom line, is NOT something that should be overlooked, or we as consumers should be complacent about. As Lard Taco said, data caps seem to be creeping up on American customers now The regional limits are a pretty big deal too and I'm really sad that non-Americans can't access the same library that we can.

That's a pretty common business tactic. But if you avoided every company who ever did that, I'm pretty sure you'd have nothing. There's a reason that all the ISP's are trying to cap data because if they don't a few will eat up all the available bits. Which brings us to an interesting point. Hola is the first community powered Peer-to-Peer VPN, where users help each other to make the web accessible for all, by sharing their idle resources.

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