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He even gave me great tips on how to properly use the proxies for my intended purposes to get the best out of them. When we receive a takedown notice, we respond that we are unable to identify any user. Any sensitive payment information is maintained by each respective payment processor and is linked by a unique transaction number. We host and maintain our own DNS servers. We do not use Virtual Servers at all. When he connects, we subtract one.

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Besides that, I have yet to see downtime on any of the proxies. You still have my vote. The proxies have worked great and the customer service is excellent. A few times I received proxies that functioned at a speed too slow for my needs due to my location and other factors. Each time they were quick to respond to support tickets and immediately replaced them with proxies that worked at the speed I needed.

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In this episode of Lightboard Lessons, Jason Rahm Communities thrive on interaction and our Featured Series gives you some insight on some of our most active folks While many of you out there may have done this in the The game consists of some really cool puzzles to solve DevCentral walks you through obtaining and creating CA bundles to help reduce impact as security requirements change. The policies provide access to inspect and act on ingress and Yes, this can be done with the alias port zero, but that locks all other ports down unless you plan to build out With the approval of the new TLS 1.

If the customer session is still connected to our service we take action. This has not happened. We would take every action we legally could to maintain the privacy of our customers.

Since logs are not used, there is little information we could provide if ordered to do so by a court of competent jurisdiction. We operate with net neutrality with the exception of restricting outgoing SMTP to prevent spammers from abusing the service. Our system is proactive vs a reactive kill switch. In our more active gateway locations, we colocate.

In locations with lower utilization, we normally host. We do not do the virtual location BS you hear about sometimes. Each of our gateways acts as a DNS server for the end-user.

We have gateways in 45 countries and 92 cities. We operate a complex business structure with multiple layers of offshore holding companies, subsidiary holding companies, and finally some operating companies to help protect our interests. The main marketing entity for our business is based in the United States of America but the top level of our operating entity is based out of Nevis.

We block port 25 to reduce the likelihood of spam originating from our systems. The SlickVPN authentication backend is completely custom and limits concurrent connections. We utilize third party email systems to contact clients who opt in for our newsletters and Google Analytics for basic website traffic monitoring and troubleshooting.

We believe these platforms to be secure. If a valid DMCA complaint is received while the offending connection is still active, we stop the session and notify the active user of that session. Otherwise, we are unable to act on any complaint as we have no way of tracking down the user.

It is important to note that we rarely receive a valid DMCA complaint while a user is still in an active session. This has never happened in the history of our company. We are required to comply with all valid court orders. We would proceed with the court order with complete transparency, but we have no data to provide any court in any jurisdiction. SlickVPN uses a warrant canary to inform users if we have received any such requests from a government agency.

Users can monitor our warrant canary here: All traffic is allowed. SlickVPN does not impose restrictions based on the type of traffic our users send. We keep user authentication and billing information on independent platforms. One platform is operated out of the United States of America Marketing and the other platform is operated out of Nevis Operations. Payment details are held by our marketing company which has no access to the Operations data.

We offer the ability for the customer to permanently delete their payment information from our servers at any point and all customer data is automatically removed from our records shortly after the customer ceases being a paying member. Your network will be disabled if you lose the connection to our servers and the only way to restore the network is manual intervention by the user. We physically control some of our server locations where we have a heavier load.

Other locations are hosted with third parties unless there is enough demand in that location to justify racking our own server setup. To ensure redundancy, we host with multiple providers in each location. We have server locations in over forty countries. In all cases, our network nodes load over our encrypted network stack and run from ramdisk.

Anyone taking control of the server would have no usable data on the disk. We periodically remount our ramdisks to remove any lingering data. Each of our access servers acts as the DNS server for customers connected to that node. At SlickVPN we actually go through the expense of putting a physical server in each country that we list. We do not do offer virtual locations. We do not store any logs. Any information or logs related to your browsing history — the websites you visit, the content you download or stream, your traffic destinations, or your DNS queries — stays with you and you alone.

We are incorporated under the name Fast Technology Limited and it operates under the jurisdiction of Cayman Islands. We have developed an in-house tool that limits the maximum number of connections to 10 devices. We do not use any other tools for this purpose. Google Analytics and Hotjar helps us in improving our website and making it more user-friendly.

Such an event has never presented itself. In the event of local court the Cayman Islands Court ordering us to provide information, we will have to comply. Though, given that we do not log any activity, none of the information we provide can lead to the identification of any of our customers.

BitTorrent and other file-sharing traffic are allowed on all of our servers. We have P2P optimized servers for torrenting. For better speed, we suggest our customers to use European servers.

The payment processors collect basic billing information for payment processing and refund requests. All the protocols are coupled with AES Encryption to ensure high security. We have both owned and outsourced servers. Our servers are physically located across various countries. We have exclusive rights to our servers that are physically located in the countries they are marked to.

We have our own DNS servers. We do not offer any virtual locations. Currently, we are offering servers in 23 countries. A full list of locations can be found here.

The only logs on our servers are security related, such as: This is so we can monitor for unauthorized commands in the unlikely event that a server is compromised by some 0day exploit. Strict privilege separation and access control is done to minimize the access any potential attackers would get if any of our services were vulnerable to a 0day exploit. None of those logs contain any customer-related data. Cryptostorm consists of several different entities that are in different regions.

This is so if any adversary were to put legal pressure on one of those entities, we can simply drop and replace it, along with any resources that might be under it. The names and locations of these entities are not publicly disclosed, simply to make it more difficult for any potential adversaries.

It also allows us to prevent basic attacks without requiring us to keep any data that could be used to identify a customer. No customer IPs ever show up in those snort alerts. The few that are legally required to do something, are only required to forward the complaint to us.

Currently, the only exception is one of our Netherlands data centers, who requires a response from us. For them, we use a template very similar to this. The locations of the entities that make up Cryptostorm were specifically chosen for their strong privacy and business laws.

In the highly unlikely event that international courts coordinating together were successful in ordering all of our entities to comply, we would shut down Cryptostorm, Lavabit style. As of February , we have never received any such court orders. Bitcoin is accepted through BitPay. Our most secure OpenVPN instances use: For backwards compatibility on older devices that might not support OpenVPN 2. We do provide firewall rule sets for IPtables, ufw, pf, etc.

For Windows users, our open-source VPN client includes a kill switch. To account for the possibility of physical compromise i. Only bare metal dedicated servers. We use a custom session management system which operates completely on real-time data and keeps no logs. We run all of our own communications infrastructure. We responded by replying to the requester letting them know we were looking into it, and we notified the customer via his email on file.

Then we contacted the EFF and they put us in touch with a lawyer who helped us get the case dropped, because we did not have the information requested. We have not yet received such a court order or subpoena for user information.

However, if we do we will take several steps. Then we would alert our user of the event if we are legally able to. If we DO have the information requested, we would immediately reconfigure our systems to stop keeping that information. If we were forced to start keeping logs on our users, we would go out of business and start a new company in a different jurisdiction. We also use a completely different authentication infrastructure and random usernames for the VPN accounts.

This protects our servers from a wide range of attacks on the encryption. We push Google DNS 8. All of our infrastructure is hosted in third party colocations.

However, we use full-disk-encryption on all of our servers. We use Google DNS at this time but we are currently testing alternatives. We are getting ready to be GDPR compliant and in our opinion keeping this kind of logs is not respecting the Privacy by Design guidelines.

We are a Romanian company, which means we are under EU jurisdiction. We do not use external e-mail providers we host our own mail server. Our users can contact us via live chat Zopim. The chat activity logs are deleted on a daily basis. That is normal considering that the servers are located in DMCA free zones. So far, we have not received any court order.

We do not support criminal activities, and in case of a valid court order, we must follow the EU laws under which we operate. We have dedicated P2P servers that allows BitTorrent and other file-sharing applications. We do not reroute P2P connections.

Payments are performed exclusively by third party processors, thus no credit card info, PayPal ids or other identifying info are stored in our database. Kill Switch is one of the most used features. Our users can decide to block all the traffic when the VPN connection drops or to kill a list of applications. We do not have physical control over our VPN servers.

We have full remote control to all servers. Admin access to servers is not provided for any third party. The full list of server locations is available here. Our entire infrastructure and VPN service is built to ensure that no logs can be stored — anywhere.

Our servers are locked in cabinets and operate without any hard drives. For website insights, we use Piwik, an Open Source solution that we host ourselves.

For support, we use an internally built system. The mail server is hosted by Glesys, a trusted provider in Sweden. Automatic emails from the website are sent using Mailgun, but we never send any sensitive information via email. No virtual locations are offered. No, all details are explained in our no-logging data policy. We limit the number of simultaneous connections to five per account. This is monitored in real time by our VPN servers which report this information to our central service.

When a customer connects to one of our servers, the server asks the central service if the account has reached its connection limit. As we do not save this information, we cannot, for example, tell you how many connections your account had five minutes ago. We have no external elements at all on our website. We do use an external email provider; for those who want to email us, we encourage them to use PGP encryption which is the only effective way to keep email somewhat private.

The decrypted content is only available to us. From time to time, we are contacted by governments asking us to divulge information about our customers. So far this has never happened. Not that we would anyway. We started Mullvad for political reasons and would rather discontinue the service than have it work against its purpose.

All traffic is treated equally, therefore we do not block or throttle BitTorrent or other file-sharing protocols. We encourage anonymous payments via cash or one of the cryptocurrencies. We run our own full node in each of the blockchains and do not use third parties for any step in the payment process, from the generation of QR codes to adding time to accounts.

Our website explains how we handle payment information. Our website has an up-to-date server list. No, we do not keep any such logs. We do not monitor the bandwidth usage, nor the websites that users visit. All of our VPN systems and tools that are used to prevent abuse are proprietary and maintained in-house. For user support we use ZenDesk that holds the email address the user provided us and a name if the user added that to the support ticket.

We answer that due to the absence of any user-related data in regards to the usage with ZenMate we cannot give any support to these authorities, as this kind of data is not logged. Due to the absence of any log data we cannot give any historical data to these authorities. We offer a variety of payment methods depending on the country you are located in. We do not process payments on our own. We contracted with Adyen B. We use the latest TLS 1. No known attack currently target these cyphers.

There have been discussions on whether AES extra security was worth the cost, and the result is far from obvious. At the moment, AES is preferred, since it provides bulletproof security, it is really fast and seems to be more resistant to timing attacks. Yes, we provide kill switches in the browser extensions, Windows and Android. We work with a small number of trusted partners that operate premium data centers with strong security practices.

Nevertheless, due to the high encryption and the zero-logging policy even at an unauthorized access, the attacker could not get any information about the activity of a specific user, as there is none on our VPN servers.

With ZenMate you can relocate your IP address to hide your real location and circumvent network restrictions to unblock geo-restricted sites. We are currently offering over 30 different country locations to choose from, for example: We do not log period.

No meta-data logging, no traffic logging, no bandwidth usage tracking. We do not have any hidden fair usage policy. We do not store any personal or billing information on VPN servers.

We use Google Analytics on www. We do not track proxied pages. We use G Suite for email. Emails are deleted regularly. If we receive DMCA takedown, we block the port mentioned in the complaint. IPs are shared by other users and our configuration makes it extremely difficult to single out any user.

We do not share any information with third parties. To date, we have not received a court order. We only store billing information which the payment processor or bank or credit card issuer has. We have special servers for P2P and are in datacenters that allow such traffic. These servers also have additional security to protect privacy when p2p programs are running.

We do not reroute traffic as this require inspecting and analyzing traffic which contradicts with our no logs policy. We accept Paypal, Bitcons and Credit cards for payments. We store billing information on a secure server separate from VPN servers and do not track usage nor IP assignments. Higher the bits, more secure it gets. We have full control over our servers. Servers are housed in reputed datacenters. Many of them are ISO certified and are designed to the highest specifications for performance, reliability and security.

We purge all this information when the user disconnects from the VPN. Most of the time we use iptables to manually monitor and mitigate abuse, but in some special and complicated cases we have used fwsnort and psad to detect hacking and spamming from our platform. Limiting concurrent sessions is done through built in functionality in FreeRadius.

We run our own email server plus support and live chat systems using open source tools. We use StreamSend for sending generic welcome and renewal reminder emails, as well as for the occasional news updates. We have Twitter widgets on our frontpage that may track visitors. We use our own website analytics Piwik where we only save anonymous IP data.

If we received a valid court order from a Hong Kong court, then we would be legally obliged to obey it. Coingate for all kind of Cryptocurrencies. The transaction details ID, time, amount, etc are linked to each user account. We use dedicated servers which are hosted in 3rd party data centers, but they do not have access to login or manage the server.

We run our own DNS servers which do not save any logs. We do not now offer virtual locations. We do not log or store any traffic, IP addresses or any other kind of data that would allow identification of our users or their activities.

The anonymity and privacy of our users is our highest priority and the Perfect Privacy infrastructure was built with this in mind. The primary method to mitigate abuse is reacting to email tickets. In case of malicious activity towards specific targets, we block IP addresses or ranges so they are not accessible from our VPN servers.

We do not limit or keep track of the number of connections per user. All email and support tools are developed and hosted in-house under our control. We use Google Analytics for website optimization and better market reach, but with the anonymizeIp parameter set. However, Perfect Privacy users are exempted from any tracking by Google Analytics and are also able to use our TrackStop filter which will block any tracking as well as ads and known malware domains directly on our servers.

Because we do not host any data, DMCA notices do not directly affect us. However, we do receive copyright violation notices for file-sharing in which case we truthfully reply that we have no data that would allow us to identify the responsible party.

The only step on our side is to inform the contacting party that we do not have any data that would allow the identification of a user. There had been incidents in the past where Perfect Privacy servers have been seized but never was any user information compromised that way. Since no logs are stored in the first place and additionally all our services are running within ramdisks, a server seizure will never compromise our customers.

In August Dutch Authorities seized two of our servers in Rotterdam and no user data was compromised. Yes, BitTorrent and other file sharing is generally allowed and treated equally to other traffic. However, at certain locations that are known to treat copyright violations rather harshly very quick termination of servers we block the most popular torrent trackers to reduce the impact of this problem. Currently, this is the case for servers located in the United States and France.

We offer a variety of payment options ranging from anonymous methods such as sending cash, or Bitcoin. However, we also offer payment with PayPal and credit cards for users who prefer these options. Because we do not monitor or log IP assignments or account usage, there is no link to the payments.

Additional security can be established by using a cascaded connection over up to four hops and by activating NeuroRouting for optimized routing to keep all traffic in the encrypted VPN network as long as possible. All our VPN servers are dedicated servers that run in various data centers around the world. While we have no physical access to the servers, they all are running within RAM disks only and are fully encrypted. We operate our own DNS servers. Currently, we offer servers in 23 countries.

For full details about all servers locations please check our server status site as we are constantly adding new servers. We keep 0 logs about usage or to match IP-Timestamp to a user. We do not handle DMCA notices, our data center partners do, and in all cases we do not keep logs so we cannot identify the customer.

We accept various payment methods: All are linked by an email. We have servers in around 33 countries and we try our best to expand to locations most requested by our customers. We use custom modified Radius databases to limit concurrent connections. We have AVs installed on all servers, and obvious known attacks are blocked at the firewall level.

We use ZenDesk former Zopim online chat online chat. Email and support databases are all in-house. If there is a court order it will be evaluated first and then any action will be taken. As said above — IP addresses are logged only for fraud prevention purposes.

Payment details are not linked to account usage. We own half of our infrastructure in Canada, UK and Netherlands. In other countries we rent dedicated servers from hosting companies. Our company is incorporated under the name of Hidester Limited.

We are incorporated in Hong-Kong, as this country does not have any data retention laws or regulations. As explained above, we do measure total traffic volume incoming and outgoing by our members on a daily basis, to avoid excessive consumption of bandwidth by abusive users that would significantly reduce quality of service for other members.

So far, we do not have had any problem with any our members. Our website analytics tool is Piwik and is self-hosted on our server. This tool records information about hidester. So we in case we receive such enquiry, we simply apologize that we CANNOT provide further information regarding our Member as we do not record the data needed to link traffic sources and destinations. We will reply to such a court order that we do not know which users are using our servers and that we are not legally obliged to do so.

This has not happened so far. All P2P-enabled servers are identified in the server list window of Hidester VPN application by a small double arrow icon on the right side of the server name in the list. Some servers are not P2P-enabled for legal reasons hosting countries could force us to shut them down in case of court summon.

For full anonymity even at account creation level, we recommend our Members to use CoinPayments with many cryptocurrencies of their choice to ensure full anonymity.

We recommend using this one for torrenting, except for Members located in censored countries, where CamoVPN might provide a more stable connection. We use third-party hosting providers VPS servers. We mostly use well-recommended hosting providers which exist for a long time on the market. We have servers located in over 33 countries, the full list is available here.

We do not keep any logs on our VPN servers that would allow us to do this. Generally, we just look at network graphs and number of connections and see if there is any abnormal activity. We use Zendesk to deal with support queries and do track referrals from affiliates. We also provide the option to send us PGP encrypted messages via e-mail and also Zendesk.

We do not use Cloudflare. These servers are more for geo-location or general purpose surfing rather than P2P. We at no times give out customer information to handle this. We maintain a warrant canary which we do update once a month or when there is a request for information even if we have not complied with it.

We marked a few servers as surfing-streaming, as they are on providers with strict DMCA requirements. All other servers support P2P and are not treated differently from any other traffic. This obfuscation prevents it from being recognized as VPN traffic. No logs, timestamps or IP addresses are kept whatsoever. This includes any websites you visited, any data you may have downloaded, shared or viewed, and any of your IP address or DNS queries.

Israel has strict privacy regulations which do not include a mandatory data retention policy and only apply specifically within the state. Firstly, we do not monitor our users, and we keep no logs, period. That said, we have an active, proprietary system in place to help mitigate abuse. In addition, we also limit our simultaneous connections to five devices per user. We use standard business tools including Google Analytics to improve our website and provide users with the most relevant information.

We also use Zendesk as a secure third-party support platform and SendGrid for transactional emails. Any information about how our customers use the VPN itself such as browsing history, traffic data or DNS queries is never revealed to third parties and is never logged or stored by SaferVPN. We have not received any court orders as of yet, but in the case that we would be served with one, we would not be able to offer any information at all.

We do not log IP addresses nor browsing activity, and we cannot match any activity to real IP addresses, even if we were asked by the court. Our customers can pay via credit card, PayPal and Bitcoin. Payments are performed exclusively by third-party processors — BlueSnap for credit cards, PayPal for PayPal and CoinBase for Bitcoin — who only get the necessary data to verify the payment. SaferVPN provides both an automatic app-level kill switch and a feature for DNS leak protection across all mobile and desktop platforms.

We use dedicated servers at premium data centers with strong security practices. Due to our special server configuration, no one can access, retain or collect any data. All servers have been set up with a zero logs policy, ensuring that no customer data nor activity is stored on any VPN server.

We do not store logs relating to traffic, session, DNS or metadata. Google is the one mail external based system we use. We make standard use of Google Apps and Google Analytics. All other support tools are kept internal for our users and visitors. If we receive a valid DMCA notice we can only take action if the connection is still active we notify the user and stop the session. If that happens, the agency will be informed that no user information is available as we DO NOT keep log.

In our practice this was not the case. We do not store any billing information such as credit cards or addresses. We do not offer DNS leak protection via kill switches.

All our VPN servers are hosted in 3rd party data centers with the highest specifications for performance, reliability and security.

We have direct access to each server and they all are running within RAM disks which are fully encrypted. We do not keep any logs that can link a user to a certain IP address.

We keep anonymized logs of some usage so that we can improve the service. No single user can ever be identified. We are incorporated in Gibraltar as Buffered Ltd.

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Proxy - Free Anonymous Proxy Server list for anonymous web surfing with proxies. Free Web Proxy Sites Servers 4 surfing and bypass websites filter. An anonymous proxy server, also called a CGI proxy, is a server that works through a web form so that all the internet requests are first filtered through the form, essentially masking your identity.. Setting up a device to use an anonymous proxy isn't difficult at all. Instead of configuring the address of the proxy server in the web browser, as is . Anonymous Browsing using Proxy Switcher automatically switching among multiple available proxy servers.