How to Set a Static or Fixed IP Address in Windows 10

Static vs. Automatic IP Addressing

Your IP Address Can Change without Notice. Should You Be Concerned?
The "Subnet Mask" should fill up by itself when you click on it if not fill it in from the info from cmd. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. For most applications, like adding mobile devices to your network, general computer use, video game consoles, etc. Windows Mac iPhone Android. Next, type in your preferred and alternate DNS server addresses. But if you have dynamic IP, means your IP address will not be same. Click OK to close the window and close all other windows normally.

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How to Make Your Dynamic IP to Static IP using NOIP

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But if you have dynamic IP, means your IP address will not be same. It will always change when you connect or disconnect your modem from the internet. For Example: If you have a data card and you are connected with internet then just open the website and check your current IP address. Now disconnect your data card . Hit properties and a new window should open up. Scroll down until you see "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" Click on it. "Use the following IP Address" and then go to the start menu and open "run". In run type in "cmd". Then press OK and cmd should open. In cmd, type "ipconfig" and a list of stuff should pop up. Most users will not need to set a static IP, however it is necessary if you need your computer to retain the same IP address each time you boot up. For more information on static vs. automatic (dynamic) IP addressing see the Google support answer Static vs. dynamic IP addressing.