Perfect Day Lyrics

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Flag Billysama on April 09, I just know that every word fits the drug interpretation to me. The purer you, the happy you when you were a kid, without all the social garbage you learn thru life, is free to come through. General Comment Like many people have said, I don't believe this song is about heroin. It featured Lou Reed himself and other major artists in what the Financial Times described as "an astonishing line-up of world class performers".

Perfect Day Lyrics

A Perfect Day

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Lyrics to "Perfect Day" song by Lou Reed: Just a perfect day Drink sangria in the park And then later, when it gets dark We go home Just a pe. Lyrics to 'Perfect Day' by Lou Reed: You're going to reap just what you sow. Lyrics to Perfect Day by Lou Reed: Just a perfect day / Drink Sangria in the park / And then later / When it gets dark, we go home / Just a.