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7 Best Portable Linux Distro to Boot and Run from USB
College Laptops Best laptop for nursing students — 5 Top Pic…. Not knowing where to start can be a downer. It ships with many preinstalled tools for penetration testing and internet anonymity, and most notably Tor. All-purpose video editor for average video editing needs Available on Windows and macOS along with Linux. Connecting from different countries might have a healthy or adverse effect on your overall surfing speed, which could impact the kinds of web apps you'll be able to run.

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27 Best Linux Tutorial Books That You Need To Download Now

The lightweight distro perfect for both newcomers and experienced Linux users. A modular and portable lightweight Linux distro based on Slackware. Just download a module and copy it to Slax.

Linux Mint is one of the popular Linux distros overall. Based on Ubuntu and has two editions to choose from. A great alternative to Windows and Mac OS. Download Zorin OS Lite. Download Tiny Core Linux. Lightweight distro using the Openbox window manager — recommended for advanced users only.

It is not based on any other Linux distro. This list including the bonus one is quite large, so there must be some errors or typos, even though we reviewed it a couple of times. If you notice any errors, have any questions, or if you have a suggestion for a distro, please leave a comment! Contact us for more info. Your email address will not be published. You can also use the wisker menu out of the box. He also includes a couple handfuls of apps created in house to handle graphics drivers, GRUB, Codecs, panel switching, etc..

He takes Arch and Openbox and makes it super easy to install and use. It is very very fast and easy to customize. Definitely worth checking out. He has also helped out with the ArchLabs distro project. It was not never our goal to be the best lightweight linux distro and it is still not but we are getting that response from the community.

Openbox is ofcourse quite lightweight. In the next release we added i3wm, a tiling manager, that consumes almost no MB. Would appreciate it if you gave ArchLabs a trial run.

Does it come with Openbox out of the box? What are the minimum system requirements for the whole distro? It has openbox and i3 both very low in cpu and ram usage. Min system requirements will be like Arch Linux. I am currently running Archlabs on Asus laptop, no issues and works great. Thanks for your efforts!

Some of the testing we did was on an Asus Eee PC. All distros in our list work perfectly fine on the Eee PC, until you open up some modern website with hundreds of resources, which is totally expected. I noticed that in the chart it lists Debian as having KDE as the desktop. Of course, you can choose between several different desktops when installing Debian, of which GNOME 3 is the heaviest and KDE is closer to the heaviest than the lightest.

A distribution that is not included which I thought was worth a mention is Salix. Salix Fluxbox is very lightweight, but even Salix Xfce is lighter than a number of the ones included. The repositories for Salix are not extensive, but they have the basics covered. Salix is actually included in our special bonus list https: This erik dubois appears everywhere and offers that archlabs.

Erik there take care of archlabs and do not fit into everything. And archlabs need to be cleverly explained, and not enough and not everybody is like you! And does the distro have two panels — top and bottom, and are they customizable in size, icon placement.

Can I really change the desktop names on the work spaces? Is there decent Bible software available — again easily? What sort of icon does the internet connection have — do I have to guess what that thing in the upper panel is, or is it obv.

LXLE and MXLinux were by far the fastest for my low-spec laptop Porteus even better if you are linux literate but only with Lubuntu can I play most videos and do streaming. Very fast, minimal pre-installs and almost all the anvantages of ubuntu. The limitation is that the thin client only has a 1gig flash memory card — currently it has Windows XP Embedded edition. Any recommendations from the list?

I also tried Porteus and it had issues with trying to access repositories — it flashes a message up that it is missing required databases — then when you try to install the databases, it abandons the process. Porteus looks neat and works fine with its built in apps — just will not update. Thanks for your help…. Dear author, please correct info about SliTaz and Slax — they are recently heavilly upgraded.

Literally few days ago. The changes in both are drastic. Meybe tecnically they same, but SliTaz go to 5-th version with new pack of soft, gain 64 bits ver, the size become slight larger I cannot wright my 32 mb SD card from old Nokia with it anymore and even wallpaper changed. About second — Slax… Now seems this distro under total reconstruction, because it not based on slackware anymore. Good stuff other than that, I was looking for a good distro to install on my MacBook Pro with only GB of storage… These distros make me feel silly for finding this storage to be small!

In the beginning you say: I used to run a linux distro on it, the particular distro name is not important here. I ended up with that choice after going through a handful of them and the one chosen fit my needs best.

At that time all the distros I tried were ok. Then the laptop was forgotten for a while. One day I booted it up, noticed that the distro was kinda ancient and decided to find a new one. Boy that was a mistake. Previously the graphics chip had been supported by the fglrx but no more.. Also the laptop could not properly boot with acpi enabled with any distro I tried so the disk performance was severely handicapped as well.

After half a year of seeking I decided to give up and installed Win7 Pro. The display driver delivers and acpi is running problemless. So, in this case Windows was a better deal after all. No cpus, no graphics, no nothing from AMD any more. We mentioned that but why not add it? What about the Absolute Linux, have anyone tried that? Because on some other website I found it on their top list. So, anyone can suggest something about it. If you are keenly interested in learning system security, various set of networking, Internet control message protocol, resolving the hostname, and much more then this piece of the book is perfect for you.

Linux files system is complex in nature and not easy to understand for the newbies. Ubuntu is the best and most popular Linux distro for desktop and server development.

Ubuntu is well known for its robustness and security. So this book is must read for those who want to learn and manage Ubuntu server administration. With the help of this Linux tutorial books, you will be able to learn Linux system starting from the basics and fundamental topic up to very complex theory with easy and step by step practical examples. Only learning the necessary things about Linux installation, upgrading, files management will not be proper and enough for those, who want to make their career on a Linux system.

They need to go further to acquire advanced level knowledge including system management and backups , how to secure network, and how to optimize the Linux for best results.

Try to grab this book now to learn and fulfill the future requirements for a Linux based career. With the help of this tutorial book, you will be solving all the complex mechanism of the Linux based machine. In this book, you will not find any basic information of the Linux system rather this deals with a very fundamental core component of Unix or Linux base, that is Kernel module programming.

If you like Linux and want to make your dream career, then I would like to recommend you this book to start with. First, learn the core and afterward go for what you like to go. Various part of a Linux system, different modules of a kernel, major services of Unix system, Linux directory system, data management, swap and virtual memory management, and much more guides and easy tutorials are there in this book.

So why do you wait? Just download the book and start learning. What are Linux and command? With this very basic and core queries, this book starts to teach you about all the fundamental things of a Linux system. Linux directory structure, file editing, scripting, command cheat sheet, and regular expression cheat sheet are included in this courses. Just grabs this book.

This book is all in one tutorials wiki for all the major Linux distributions. It starts with the Linux history, describes all the major distros including Debian, Redhat, Fedora, Ubuntu and others and what to choose. In this book, you will be getting all the tips and tricks to install various Linux distros.

Moreover, Linux file management, directory structure, command, and shell scripting and much more are the core component of this book. This book is solely for Ubuntu users. If you are new to Ubuntu, this one very specific book is going to help you a lot to start from the basic installation, upgrading, manual disk partitioning , installing required software , ubuntu tweaking, and much more. This book is for the Ubuntu freak. It let you know about the history and emerge of ubuntu system.

Moreover, it makes you an advanced and power user of Ubuntu distros by teaching you how to install Ubuntu, tweak the system for productivity, use a terminal, keyboard shortcut, learn unity dash, installing an application from the repository, get acquainted with server administration, and a lot more.

Why is Ubuntu so special and popular? Do you really want to know? You have come to the right place and download this book. You will be getting all the information about Ubuntu system and the answer of why Ubuntu is best Linux distros out there. Moreover, this book will teach you about how to install and configure Ubuntu for the first time, how to set up users and file management, how to tweak the desktop environment for the best productivity, how to use command into the terminal, and so on.

I hope above all the Linux Tutorial books will help you to get known about the Linux system and how it works from the beginning to the advanced expert level. It will help you to make a career in Linux software development and of course, if you want, you can also help others by distributing your Linux knowledge in an effective way.

Because self-learning is the best learning and Knowledge is increased by sharing with others. So this is all about Linux learning by self-reading the Free Linux books. Did you like the List of Free Linux Tutorial books?

Please let me know in the comment section, and I will be adding that to the list. Mind if you do me a sweet favor, and tap the Social Share Button if you learned something new? Thanks again for spending part of your day here. Hope to see you come back. All the books are the property of the individual writers. If anyone finds any copyright materials here, please let me know. I will be removing the content as soon as possible. Report the broken link in the comment section, and it will be updated with the corrected one.

Books Source — http: Mehedi hasan great work people should have a different approach towards linux and this article will change their prescriptive, meanwhile i would like to share one of the good material about linux i.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Wednesday, September 19, Best Linux Tutorial Books 1. A Hands-on Guide 2. Bash Guide for Beginners 3. Java Application Development on Linux 4. User Mode Linux 5. Linux Patch Management 6. Linux From Scratch 8. Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook 9. Linux Hacks — Practical Examples to build a strong foundation on Linux Expert Recipes for Linux, Bash, and More The Linux Knowledge Base and Tutorial Managing Linux Systems with Webmin: System Administration and Module Development Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Pro Ubuntu Server Administration Pocket Linux Guide Securing and Optimizing Linux: The Ultimate Solution

Best Linux Distros for Beginners

The new year is upon us, and it’s time to look toward what the next days have in store. As we are wont to do, looks at what might well be the best Linux distributions to be found from the ever-expanding crop of possibilities. Of course, we cannot just create a list of operating systems and say “these are the best,” not when so often Linux . Linux is so useful, you don't even need to install it before it gets to work. One of the popular uses of Linux is to create live media that can be used to run desktop systems or to create utility discs for all kinds of administration. Confused about the live CD that's right for you? No worries, we've got the top five live Linux CDs to get you started. Here are our choices for the best Linux distributions for beginners. Must read for new Linux users.