Why Is My PC Download Speed So Slow?

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Why is my uTorrent download speed so slow?
How do you speed up a slow bittorrent download? That's also why it is important for those DL'ers to set their up-load speed to "unlimited" while they are DL'ing. And i didn't know about 28, connections i thought when i put i open up connections as the global maximum suggests. Did you set your download speed to zero unlimited? The number of seeder and the number of peers play a very important role here.

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Why Does UTorrent Download So Slow?

If you have what should be a high-speed connection but things move slow, consider contacting your Internet service provider and ask them if they have any idea why your service is so sub-par.

Many people use shared networks to connect to the Internet. These connections, often shared with members of the same household, tend to slow down when everyone is using the connection at the same time. For example, if you're trying to download something at the same time somebody else in your house is on another computer, you won't experience the same speed you would if they weren't on the Internet.

This is also an issue with cable Internet. Subscribers in a given area share a really good connection, but during high-traffic times, that connection can be reduced to a crawl. The hardware you use to connect to the Internet plays a big role in speed.

A good modem and router that support at least Also, your network adapter card, which allows your computer to get wireless Internet, will play a part in connection speed. With poor hardware, you may experience slow downloads because of hardware inefficiency. Make sure you purchase hardware with a wireless range good enough to support your needs.

If you are uploading things to the Internet as you download, it will greatly affect the speed of your download. Sometimes the problem can be out of your hands. Sometimes the source of a file you are downloading experiences a slowdown.

If the server the files are on is under a lot of strain or the user you're getting the files from is having connection problems, you will experience slow download speeds. The only way around this problem is to find another source from which to download the file.

It's not the fault of your ISP. But it's the fault of the users that have successfully downloaded the file and does't seed it. You guys do realize that your download speed is controlled by the number of seeders and peers that are available to seed at the exact time you want to DL? If there is another peer DLing at the same time as you, then your max DL speed will be whatever BitTorrent allows to fluctuate your way. If there are 6 DL'ers at the same time you're there, you might not get anything until one of the other DL'ers leaves.

That's also why it is important for those DL'ers to set their up-load speed to "unlimited" while they are DL'ing. If everybody did that, noone would ever have to wait for seeders to become available. He could litterally seed s of peers at the same time in a matter of maybe 30 minutes.

And the speeds would be way higher than you think you would be able to achieve. If u have problems with slow speed try to go to the preferences in bittorrent then open bandwith bar. Hi, Ive seen all the questions and answers here, but, look, this is my download speed http: Is there logical answer to that?

Download Speed too slow Posted February 17, What can I do to increase my download speed? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Why did you use screen captures when speedtest. Posted February 18, Your own screenshots of speedtest.

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Jun 03,  · My average download speed was ~1mb/s, but over the past week or so my download speeds have dropped to around kb/s, and occassionally spikes to around , then dropping to below Like I said, this is a very recent problem that started long after I downloaded the most recent uTorrent software update. Finally Slow torrent download speeds may be the result of a lack of seeds and a slow internet connection, but there are ways to tweak your uTorrent settings and optimize your connections for maximum download speeds. Adding new, faster torrent trackers is another good way to breathe new life back into a slow or dead torrent. A:Please note that torrent speeds depend on many factors including: Your ISP's ability to connect to the torrent swarms, torrent's Seeds/Peers, connection load.