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Switzerland is “unofficially” a cryptocurrency tax haven

Cash pilgrims and bricks of money: HSBC Swiss bank operated like cash machine for rich clients
Just over half of the mortgage-backed securities the Fed bought off bank balance sheets during QE came from foreign banks, most of them in Europe. These British pounds, euros, US dollars, even Danish krone, were for spending at home, or sometimes to buy villas and flats abroad. In the absence of any explanation, it is not possible to assess whether the withdrawals were for legitimate purposes. Making the American dream come true. The smarter way to send money. This unit has a small LED screen that keeps you informed of the remaining charge on the device, and goes quite well with the glossy finish.

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Wiki Leaks Published 1st List of Black money holders in Swiss bank – Facts Analysis

It is named for the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts, where Ruth Graves Wakefield is credited with inventing the chocolate chip cookie by mistake in the s in a nearby Rhode Island town. So this Swiss company actually owns the rights to the cookies and the recipe!

Every Swiss man has at least one. And for over a century, the maker of the official Swiss Army Knife has taken advantage of what the Swiss flag stands for see above. Also, Wenger , one of the subsidiaries of Victorinox, is more popular in the US as they sell army knives and travel accessories in outlets such as Target and Officemax. I mean, who doesn't know their yodel slogan? These candies are hands down the best remedy to clear your throat!

If you asked people what comes to mind when they hear Switzerland , 99 would respond with chocolate! With roots in the 19th century , today's Lindt chocolate still has that same sweetness and creamy consistency Sorry if I teased you too much! But it's just so yummy Now on to the brands that are either way too specific to Switzerland or simply damaging to the country's image. Assuming that you are a global citizen, I do not believe that you should be expected to know any of these Swiss brands.

But you deserve extra credit if you actually do! All is shielded by three, 5, lb stainless steel doors. On the ground above the vault are crop circle-esque markings that are only distinguishable from the sky.

Naturally, most people assume the symbols are meant to communicate with extra-terrestrials, and former scientology members have confirmed the speculations by explaining the markings are meant to act as a landmark for future scientologists who visit Earth from different planets.

Ron Hubbard, who Scientologists believe will need to find his way back to the religious base after he is reincarnated. Furthermore, the Norwegians give absolute ownership and right of entry to anyone using one of their safety deposit boxes. As its name suggests, the vault , officially known as the Svalbard International Seed Vault, is designed to store a wide assortment of seeds in an effort to preserve crop diversity and assure humans will have a source of food no matter what earthly disasters occur.

Svalbard is a large, barren rock island in the Arctic Circle, and the vault is situated inside an old copper mine. Its unique climate and position should keep the seeds safe from any disaster, man-made or otherwise, for centuries.

There is suspicion that well-known philanthropists like Gates are giving sterilization vaccinations under the guise of humanitarian aid, while they really have plans to create some kind of master race. Apparently, the seeds tie in with their plot of global control and depopulation.

Iron Mountain Vault in Germantown, New York is a for-profit underground records storage facility that serves customers across the globe. It is found in an abandoned mine formerly used as a mushroom farm before being transformed into the largest subterranean records vault on the globe. Taking advantage of Cold War paranoia, the security company first opened in the s and offered a way to shelter corporate documents amid nuclear attacks.

A ton, triple time-locked door blocks the acre bunker, which is seven layers deep and buried a quarter mile into the mountain. Switzerland is practically synonymous with secret vaults, as banks throughout the country provide their customers complete anonymity and a no-questions-asked attitude.

While the deposit boxes are highly guarded, the real protection comes from the doctor-patient type of confidentiality the bankers take with their clients. The banks deny helping anyone to engage in criminal activity, yet one former mid-level Swiss banker divulged that he personally helped his clients defraud the US Treasury out of billions of dollars in taxes.

However, his breach of privacy is rare considering Swiss law is especially strict on any violation of confidentiality in banking or commerce, and committing such an offense can result in jail time or a substantial fine. It is certainly not complete - simply because of the fact that not everybody considers the same people famous.

Actress, first "Bond girl" Born March 19, on the web. Mathematician Father of Daniel Bernoulli on the web. Mathematician Found what became Bernoulli's equation on the web. Born September 22, on the web. World champion figure skater Born December 11, on the web. Worldwide recognized architect Born April 1, on the web.

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For unlimited access to expert opinion and unrivalled insight from The Telegraph, join Premium today. Free for 30 days. Nov 29,  · Admire him or revile him, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange is the prophet of a coming age of involuntary transparency, the leader of an organization devoted to divulging the world’s secrets using. Computer files with more than names, nationalities, account information and detailed notes between the Swiss arm of Europe’s biggest bank HSBC and its clients are out in the open. So far, they have revealed how the vast majority of clients linked to African countries do not hold the nationality of their associated country.