How to Clear the Cache in Google Chrome

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How To Clear Browser Cache In Google Chrome
This option will clear your Chrome browser's saved images and website files, which will clear some room on your phone or tablet. To delete everything, select All time. Smarthome Office Security Linux. Seems like a bug. To get the latest tips, tricks, and how-to's, subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

What is the DNS Cache?

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On your computer, open Chrome. On your browser toolbar, click More More Tools Clear Browsing Data. In the "Clear browsing data" box, click the checkboxes for Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files. Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. The area in Chrome where you can clear the cache and delete cookies is located in the settings. Click or tap the three-button menu on the upper right-hand side of Chrome. Choose Settings from the menu. Chrome has lots of settings, and the cookies and cache settings are not in the primary area. In order to flush your Google Chrome browser’s DNS cache, simply find the button that says “Clear Host Cache” and click it. You can click it more than once if you want to make sure it did what it was supposed to, but a single click is usually enough.