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Coins4Days, here are some extra coins: In a multisig wallet, two of the three co-signers must sign each transaction. Become familiar with the guide and direct your new people to it. Bitcoin Wallet was the first Bitcoin wallet for Android. However, quantum computers don't yet exist and probably won't for a while. When you purchase a share of any pool your day mining contract will not start for 30 days.

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Invested a month ago 1 BTC received it 4 hours prior, awesome 1: You guys are damn cool finally I can do whatever I want, stay blessed. Received my fourth investment payout in ETH. Thank you bitcoinvest team for ensuring payout in a timely manner and especially notifying through mail about the payout is a very good approach. I just received 0. I made over 40 investments so far and all of them Bitcoinvest paid them right on time. I invested in both plans and made around 17gs. Big up to my homies!

I am seriously recommending Bitcoinvest to everyone that wants to become a bitcoin millionaire! I made 17 bitcoins since I started.

Now made a new deposit. Hi Iam very new to this platform. I would love to invest in this platform. But having been scammed severally l want to be sure that this is the real deal. Is the program really paying? Entinosa, this section is for reviews only.

Thanks a lot Bitcoinvest!! Got my 4th payout here.!! I really tought at the begin i will be scamed. I also been scammed by two bitcoin doubler sites, that happened last year. Today I recieved my first payment, I invested 0. I have started investing in this platform almost a month ago. I keep on investing in ETH plan.

All payments were on time and one of the payments was returned in one day. I was very surprised. One more good thing that I like is, they always round returns to two decimal places. I have been scammed too many times and I write with confidence that I am on the right page to Success.

Got my 4th payout today. Bitcoinvest is really changing lives. Thank you, thank you. I got another 3 affiliate commissions last month and the investments are going smooth. Best bitcoin hyip in the world. Now waiting for my third investment to be returned. Takes under 1 minute to open a BTC wallet. Rules are rules, sorry but your comment is not qualified to participate in our lottery. My second comment for the month so according to rules wont post my bitcoin address.

Just received the payment like clockwork for the second time so will now be increasing investments every week. Thanks again to all at Bitcoinvest for once again paying out on time with no hassle. Hi guys i invested 0. Bitcoinvest is the best bitcoins investment plateform i have ever come across. Just last week i received 1. I am so so excited. Blessed are those who have not seen yet believed. I believed strongly and I have received. I am investing a higher amount now. More grace to the administrators.

I am very,very grateful to the administrators. I did this on Wednesday 23rd May I will definitely continue to invest and I will be signing up for your referral program! Best bitcoin affiliate program ever! Sibusiso, Please read the comment posting rules. You are no longer allowed to participate in our comment lottery. After getting many payments in ETH I decided to invest one bitcoin in the 30 day plan.

If bitcoin follows the same pattern it will blow up in Q4. I remember my son telling me to buy bitcoins when the price was like 3 dollars and I said no. We still have 2 maybe 3 years to kill it. Once enough major brands and governments adopt cryptocurrency as a valid form of payment, the more stable its price will be.

Got 27 payments so far and going strong. These guys are the real deal, no BS here. Keep it up guys you made great for me, I got a new laptop, new TV, new iMac, new iPhone and I paid the rent in advance for a full year. First investment is successfully returned. They have rounded the profit. Will he investing more. The only thing is we need to see how long this program continues.

Most awesome site for earning bitcoins online. Best bitcoin investing site I have ever used! Fast and legit payouts! All good so far. Some buddy of mine from work told me about Bitcoininvest and I gave it a shot. This is my 5th investment will them. Everyone should give it a try.

God Bless you BI!! You guys are the bomb of all cyrpto-investment! The whole world must hear about Bitcoinvest. Got another ETH payment but it was a bit late.

Sadly no reply to email or contact form. Please contact us again via the contact form and we will pay your next deposit faster.

Could be that a mistake has been made on our part. I just checked your deposits and you have only 2 investments and both of them have been paid on time. I went through our recent inbox and there are no messages whatsoever from you.

Your investments are both the minimum, 0. You are no longer allowed to invest in our platform. Bitcoinvest is real and paying. Join today and testify! If you are looking for real bitcoin investment this is it. I have received 1. Got paid 1 time , so will bring referrals and will make it over and over again.. Thank you … 0xbaaad81df75e92c27e8c7aa5c09bd Got paid 8 times by them.

So we still have around 3 years to kill it. I am with bitcoinvest for a month now and i have received 9 payments from them. What can i say?

I posted my affiliate link and got a 0. This is by far the best Crypto investment platform, all the payments were made right on time and the return on investment is 10 times better compared with the other platforms. Bitcoinvest I really appreciate ur honesty unlike what is obtainable in other investment platform.

You have really boost my morale and I will keep reinvesting. Please keep up the good job. This is my first time using bitcoinvest. I am hoping this really works. Thanks to your referral program I can recycle my losses step by step. This was number three!. No doubt the best bitcoin investment site of I got my first payment in January from them and since then I made 2. Got one affiliate commission as well.

Muchos Gracias for the payments. Really looking forward to earn more bitcoin. If you are looking for an easy way to earn bitcoin online this is it. In 2 weeks or so I will recover the loss from the profit I make here. I will re-invest it. What can I say? Simply the best bitcoin investment site there is.

Since I started promoting the referral program in January I made over 3 btc. You are the Best!!! OK, next time please use the contact form, only reviews here. Contact us through the contact form. Someone, most probably you, has completed the payment info with a transaction ID instead of an ETH receiving address, so we could not make the payment.

In another 30 days 12 bitcoins. All that with 5 minutes of work. The more you have available to invest, the more profit you make. Anyway, here is TX for 0. Well, Received another payment. Also referred one of my relatives to this platform. He invested in day BTC plan. This is my third payment in ethereum investment package with bitcoinvest. I will tell Nigerian people to invest. I will make a video soon and upload it on YouTube for everyone to see this is the real deal.

Anyway, here is 0. BitcoInvest is crazie cool, almost about to recover all of my losses of I recommended to my two friends now they thank me very much. It is difficult to believe in a page without login panel, or dashboard but I took that step and here I recived my first payment today. I am sorry but your logic is seriously flawed. Thanks GOD I found this websites and a big thanks to me for having a budget to play with.

Everyone This is one of the legit and paying sites I have ever found. I have just experienced first by investing just 0. This real pump and dump team Cheers!!! I was recommended to use bitcoinvest. This is one of the best online investments ever. I will refer people to invest. Taste and see for yourself. In this pace in 20 days I will reach a profit of around 9 bitcoins. I got paid correctly.

I think I will continue on the ETH program. The biggest challenge for you now is to last. BitcoInvest will last as long as Bitcoin will last, and Bitcoin is here to stay. After reading all the reviews in this site on 27th of march , i was motivated to invest a little minimum of 0.

All the reviews here are true. My question is, can i invest on saturdays and sundays? This is so awesome.

Love it to invest here. Been paid 6 times. Thank you bitcoin invest. Around 32 ETH profit. Should I be worried about the recent price drop? No, you should not. Bitcoin has taken a beating again, nothing new here. If you look at the over all picture:. The referral program is the BOMB!!!! I got my affiliate link yesterday and I already got 3 commissions from telling my friends about this. Second month with you.

More than 10 transactions all honored. This is the best investment that really works. As a young investor, I will recommend it to other investors. You can try it to believe it. And oh, they are also giving away 0. Hope I will win one day. I just got my first payment, 4. In your wallet after you make the payment. And please, next time you have a question use the contact form, this section is for reviews only. Sorry, next time take the time to write a sentence. For one word here is 0. Thank you very much bitcoinvest.

To all reading this, I deposited 0. I will definitely re-invest, thanks again. Motorhead, It can be a tedious task to master it but if you succeed internet marketing is a dream come true job. Here is something to help you started, TX:. Already started advertising, hope to see them in long run. Yey got my 1st investment back, was sceptical cause I have been scammed a lot.

Accidentally I sent 0. Will I get my return? We have a lot of receiving addresses, this is done for security purposes. But next time please use the deposit address listed on the payment page in order to avoid potential delays and for support please use the contact form, the comment section is reserved for reviews. Effective customer care service and very quick delivery. These guys are good. Even though BTC price is going down, bitcoinvest.

Keep supporting the crypto industry. I will definitely recommend this to my friends and will reinvest more. More success and keep up the good work.

Sarah and Tom, please stick to the topic. I recomend avryone bitcoinvest, i got 10 free bitcoins, im verry happy. Nothing compares with BitcoInvest. Thank You for this excellent service! All promisses kept just in time! I got started with 0. I trust in ongoing prosperity and excellence and now ready for round number two. Rounded my return many times. Lost so much in Davor. I thank God because I found this site and recovering my lost money. Please keep up the good work you are doing.

I am going to start BTC investment. I discovered this site while I was searching for free bitcoins websites on google. The drop in price is driven by Nobuaki Kobayashi, who is in charge of liquidating the assets of Mt Gox.

Price will go up in April. I have a cryptocurrency blog and a twitter account about how to get free bitcoins and the commissions are through the roof! I invested starting with 0. I remember one year ago I was searching for free bitcoin faucets online and completing micro jobs to earn free bitcoins lol. What a waste of time. BitcoInvest made me a lot of bitcoins and all of that with a few clicks.

I posted the referral link a week ago on my twitter account with 27k followers not cryptocurrency enthusiasts and so far I got 8 payments totaling 0. Reliable, fast, easy to use and can handle large amounts. I invested 7 bitcoins last month and today I got 14 back.

Best BTC investing I have ever made. Just made my third investment first 2 went very smoothly. This seems like the easiest way to make money thanks bitcoinvest.

Thank you very mutch, its amazing, I tried this with smaller anounts to check if this is legit. Now I dare to increase mij amounts! Thank you and I hope you can keep up the good job! I reccomment this to enyone! Thank you for the payment!! Mais vale saber que haver e dar que receber. I just got the payment 1 day faster for the 3th 10 day plan deposit. Received another ETH payment for the deposit done two days ago. Happy investing with bitcoinvest. So far so good. Second run, on the way… Due to the new messages rules, I will be back next month with good news hopefully.

You are posting a comment each time you get your payment. Not to mention that you are posting under different names and BTC addresses. This is annoying, we are not a bitcoin lottery site. Please let this be your last investment with us and do the lottery someplace else.

I received my fourth payment from Bitcoinvest…very big thanks for your prompt payment system. Plata always on time.

Bitcoinvest is the best!!!!! In the unpredictable realm of the Cryptocurrency, this is an amazing, stable service that could very well be used to become a millionare! Thank you very much! Hey, i just received my first Payout! It seems BitcoInvest just delivers without making a big fuzz about it like some other platforms do. I like the Idea of having no need for a Login-Area — it keeps the whole thing simple and secure. I am very happy and will make another lending immediately!

I just got my first payment. It was not a big Investment, but i wanted to test this program with a small ETC amount before going in with more money. Everything worked very smooth and easy. It seems they just deliver without making a big fuzz about it. I Like it very much and will go on using it immediately. Am glad to be an investor here, i have been paid 3 times now…am gonna share this good news to friends and family.

Bitcoinvest you are the best. I just got the first payment from them. Got paid exactly when I should have been! Finally a legitimate investing site based on crypto. I was paid my return automatically with no problems. Will be using again and thinking about using my referral code! You are not allowed to use the referral link for your own investments.

So happy I found this site! The Crytpocurrencyworld can be like the Wild West. But on this site your money is save and it is working for you. Your office is working for us! Thank you for all the good work. The best bitcoin lending program there is.

I still have a little bit over 4 bitcoins invested. I started with 2 bitcoins. This program is awesome, i got paid twice now and i put confidence in Bitcoinvest. This is a life changing opportunity.

I appreciate this program. So pleased to receive my earning of 0. Thanks bitcoinvest for the 0. This is the best and legit website to earn btc and eth gonna refer more ppl to join cheers guys!!! I have been paid 3 times and all the payments were from 10 days investment plans. I started with 1. I love it guys you are really awesome guys, i hope that review help you to get more people. Tried with very small investment and everything went well. You guys are doing great job.

I am definitely gonna refer my friends. Wow, am happy to invest here. Am grateful to your company for keeping your promises. Keep the good works. Anyway, here is your 0. I want to thank you for your payment in Bitcoin that I received today. But not with your website. I got 5 deposit returns from team BitcoInvest. All of them for the 10 day plan. First I would like to thank you for an easy 3 BTC profit. Your referral commission is quite tempting!

I am planning on promoting your investment platform on my crypto blog, I am getting around 5k unique visits each day, and on my twitter account where I give out signals. I wanted to ask you a few details about your pump and dump private group. How private is it? Do you accept new members?

If so, what are the requirements? My twitter signals account has a little bit over 9k followers, all of them hungry for day trading investing tips. To all the newcomers or latecomers… BitcoInvest is probably your best bet. That is good advice you are giving to newbies. People need to understand that this is not traditional stock trading. One day, not weeks, not months. And I have some good news for you. We are a small private group. We are talking about our company which is made of 6 partners with equal shares, plus another 12 partners.

We still have a few spots open, it will be great to grow even bigger! The fact that you have a Twitter signals accounts is perfect, this is exactly what we are looking for. Drop us a line if you are interested. My last payment was processed today. Easy profits, no stress. So far I got paid 12 times for referring other people to them and 3 times through their affiliate program. At the moment BitcoInvest is the best paying crypto investment and affiliate platform on the internet.

Thanks to everyone behind this service, will put in more again. Really big thanks for your payment. This is my 2nd times got paid..

Keep up the good job. Thank you so much again. Bitco invest program really pays, I received 0. Thank you bitcoinvest for keeping to your words. I did not expect the refund so fast. I just got a 6 BTC payout. The market has always been like this, no reason to panic and sell.

We are talking a about Bitcoins here. I signed up 3 days ago lending them 1 Ether and today I got precisely 1.

I also got notified by email when payment was made. Thanks for the plan ETH, got it exactly for 3 days. Gonna invest more and thank you for the payment.

I will reinvest and keep getting richer- i will promote this to all my cryptofriendsb. Nobody will release your funds that quick, or they will release only the profit and hold your initial investment. I want to invest more, send the deposit to same address or come again on site and deposit again like did first time?

I have already cashed-out my profit and in a few days it should clear in my bank account. Today I got another payment, as always, in a timely manner. When I saw they implemented a comment system I immediately jumped in, at least I can do is to post this comment. Bitcoinvest paid me 3 times already! I invested the minimum, 0. Beautiful Sunday morning here is Phoenix Arizona. And yeah, just checked my Bitcoin address and the money is there.

Looking forward to making more easy money with this BitcoInvest system! Keep up the good work guys! Paid me 5 times. Best bitcoin investment there is! I was a little bit nerovous during my last investment, I admit.

This is my first time with BitcoInvest and payment hit my wallet on time. I will reinvest the profit. I got 4 payments so far, 2 eth and 2 bitcoin with the 10 day plan. Looks like I am the first one to leave a review. Payment was received and everything was as promised.

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Dwight DeMar August 27, at BitcoInvest August 28, at Anonymous August 27, at 6: Jordz August 27, at 1: Phill August 25, at Bamfo August 25, at 3: BitcoInvest August 26, at 4: Dan with the MP August 22, at 4: BitcoInvest August 23, at 4: Was it a good plan to keep investing? Need Coin August 22, at 1: Abood SYR August 20, at 6: BitcoInvest August 21, at 7: Hannah August 20, at Luci August 20, at 9: I got payment for my first deposit.

Osho August 19, at 3: BitcoInvest August 20, at 3: Hamza August 19, at 3: The mining equipment is basically an ASIC chip that is designed to handle hashing functions. We are constantly buying new equipment to leverage our purchasing power on behalf of all BitClub Members.

Most of the miners we purchase are from Bitmain which is the 1 seller of mining gear worldwide. We have built a relationship with them that allows us to get preferred pricing and deploy racks of new servers. In addition, we are able to liquidate some of the older mining equipment with Bitmain through their secondary market and this allows us to maximize profits. Anytime we sell off older equipment, we give our members a chance to buyout of their mining contracts and take possession of the equipment they purchased.

This is based on the total hashing power and value of the existing shares. You can chose to take possession of your miners and cancel your contract at anytime. NOTE… This is not a refund, you are simply giving up your future earnings to take possession of this equipment so you can mine for yourself or re-sell it. You must contact us individually to get a quote for this.

If you are not familiar with Bitcoin mining here is a very basic overview… Every 10 minutes a new block of 25 Bitcoin is found by someone in the network who is hashing. In order to find a block, you must attempt to solve a simple math problem using a cryptographic hashing function. This is showing how many times we have attempted to solve the math problem since the last Block that we solved.

You will also see the column right above showing Current Block Difficulty. This difficulty is the entire network difficulty which is basically showing how many times on average it would take to guess the correct answer and be awarded the block of 25 Bitcoin. The more hashing power you have the higher the probability is to guess the correct answer and solve the problem. When the total shares in the round are equal to the difficulty it means a block should hit in theory. But there is also luck involved and this can be tracked by how many times it actually takes before the block is found.

So if you look in the table on this same page at the bottom you will see a list of each block that has been found by our pool stats are from pool re-launch July 12th, You will see under the column labeled Diff how many actual hashes our machines performed before guessing the answer and hitting a block. This will constantly vary because of many factors but it also averages out over the long term and the more hashing power our pool has, the smaller the variance will be between blocks.

You can now track everything on our page in real time! However, because of the variance described above, we pay out earnings based on the average of the previous 10 days and then adjust it accordingly for the next 10 days. When you first purchase a share of any pool you will not start earning bitcoin for 30 days. This is how we stabilize the payout and it also allows us a nice day window to purchase and install new equipment.

After these initial 30 days, you begin earning bitcoin daily for days. Each day you will earn a percentage of bitcoin mined that will be instantly available for you to withdrawal, you also see another percentage automatically held to cover electricity, maintenance, hosting, and for purchasing new mining equipment.

There is a minimum percentage for each pool and these holdover amounts are redeemed in the form of additional shares when they reach a set threshold. Each pool will automatically re-purchase a partial share when it reaches 0. You will see your total shares increase for days as you pay back a percentage every few days.

BitClub Pool is unlike any other mining pool in the world. The reason we are able to operate a zero fee pool AND offer special incentives to miners is that our business model is backed by thousands of members who are participating in the BitClub Network global opportunity. With this unique business model, each BitClub Network member can purchase mining hardware and share in the total profits of all Bitcoin being mined.

These members must use a portion of their mining earnings to purchase additional mining power for a total of days. This means our mining pool will continue to grow daily from these members alone and if we can attract more miners to point their hashing power, then our pool will stabilize and become very profitable.

As our membership base grows bigger, so does our mining pool and you will see more hashing power being added to our pool website, which you can track in real time. You can also verify our pool with the following third party resources:. BlockTrail keeps more detailed records: If you look at our pool website you will see just under but keep in mind we had 10 blocks mined on our old platform before switching over.

You can see the accurate count on the blocktrail. Many mining operations will be forced to close their doors after July if they are not efficient and since we have taken the time to build our infrastructure correctly and we continue to be more profitable on a month to month basis we think our biggest opportunity may come after the halving occurs. Because of how mining actually works it is always getting harder for smaller mines to make profits.

This is actually why mining pools were created in the first place. In the early days, anyone could mine with their home computer and hit a block. Now, even if you have millions worth of equipment you still might be too small to solo mine and be profitable, so the entire industry has quickly turned to mining in pools and sharing profits.

In order to be profitable today, you need to have massive purchasing power and this is where you come in! With our business model instead of raising millions of dollars from a VC firm or private investor, we are allowing members to pool their money together and make large purchases. This means bigger discounts on hardware, fewer electricity costs, and a much more efficient mining operation.

Plus, we have a very strategic way that members can pay for the daily electricity, maintenance, and other costs that come with running a large-scale mining operation like this. This is where our real power and profits come in! And for chipping in daily you are rewarded with a larger share of the pool. With a structure like this everyone wins!

And this is why we believe we can become one of the largest pools in the world! When you purchase a share of a mining pool, your Bitcoin is being used to purchase actual mining hardware for the pool.

We use our purchasing power to get better deals and avoid paying retail. This makes an individual share a little hard to value because depending on when you purchased it could be 1 machine, 2 or even more. For this reason you must contact us by opening a support ticket and requesting a quote on how much hashing power your shares are currently worth. This number depends on the age of your account and the total accumulated shares including partial shares.

This could end up being 1 miner, 5 miners, or even 20 depending on the models and your shares so each quote will be personalized to your account and current market conditions. If you would like to take possession of your mining equipment we can even help you set them up and start mining to our pool directly, or any other pool of your choice. Once your buy-out has been accepted we will unplug your machine s and start the shipping process.

You will not be compensated during this time frame, once you agree to the buyout and the machine is unplugged you will no longer own your mining shares. Mining on your own is difficult and if you are not a technical person it can very hard to make any profits, or even keep the machines hashing. Not all of the mining equipment will come in original boxes and they will be subject only to the original manufacturers warranty if it still exists.

You are fully responsible after taking possession of your equipment and must contact original manufacturer for any issues. Taking possession of your miners will cancel your shares and you will forfeit all future mining share earnings in the pools you cash in.

Your membership will remain active and you may still be eligible to earn other commissions or purchase additional shares in the future. Contact us for more details. Many applications can be built on top of the Ethereum blockchain stuff like smart contracts to store agreements, property rights, stock settlements, medical records, and pretty much any other records you wish to store using a secure blockchain.

This token can be mined just like Bitcoin and uses hardware servers that perform hashing functions to protect and verify the network. Right now Ethereum is in the early stages of its adoption and is really more of a business to the business blockchain, but we know the user friendliness is coming soon. Ethereum as a technology has big potential and we already see ways to integrate their blockchain, smart contracts, and other services into our platform.

We believe the possibilities here are endless and with many of our members holding these tokens, you can bet more opportunities will become available in the future. Once Ethereum turns from Proof of Work over to Proof of Stake you can continue mining the coins you have earned in your wallet just like with ClubCoin.

All you have to do is download the ETH wallet and keep your computer connected. Ethereum is really starting to pick up steam in the market and we believe this pool could end up being of big value for those who are able to get a share. Over the past month, we have been mining Ethereum with great success so we decided to open up this Ethereum pool to all members and offer an additional 2, shares.

The Ethereum mining pool has been launched on April 1st, after a successful campaign that sold out all 2, shares offered. All payments will be made using the Ether token and you must sign up for an Ether Wallet in order to withdrawal your earnings from your BitClub wallet.

This works the same way as Bitcoin and ClubCoin. You are actually purchasing real mining hardware. This is not cloud mining or renting hash power, or virtual mining you are purchasing actual GPU mining rigs that will be used to mine Ether and you will own these mining machines outright! In fact, if you would like to request your machines at any point we can ship them to you! We also have some ideas on what to do with these machines in the future after Ethereum mining moves to Proof-of-Stake and we will let you know what your options are.

The pool will continue to mine Ether for as long as the market will allow it. But just as a warning at some point: Ethereum mining will move over to a different method of mining called Proof-of-Stake method.

We will also provide more details about a virtual staking pool opportunity when the time comes. If you missed out on getting a share of this pool we strongly suggest you take a look at buying Ether directly and holding it long term. We suggest you do your own research and understand what Ethereum is before you purchase a share. Here are some resources to start with….

Keep track of all the BitClub blocks mining: The total amount of hashing power you get will be determined for each coin based on the specifics for mining that coin. You will earn based on what is actually being mined. Commissions for these shares will be paid exactly like the Pool 2 mining earnings, which is the same as the previous GPU offer. For details, you can visit the compensation plan page, but in short, the commission will pay through the level up and give you 6 credits in the binary.

In your back office, you will see a list of all the GPU mining shares that you have purchased. You now have full control over each share so you can decide on a per share basis how you want to allocate your GPU power.

We may add additional coins to the list. Each GPU share is valid for 6 years or 2, days of mining. After mining with this hardware for over a year we believe this is a fair and accurate estimation of the average lifetime of these machines. After 6 years you will have the option request shipment of your machine and we may extend this based on what the market looks like in 6 years more details will be provided in the future but you will see the countdown for each share below.

To switch your power just select which coin you would like to mine from the drop down list and save it. Your share will instantly switch to this coin and you will be paid the next payment cycle in that currency. You can switch back and forth as often as you like but you will only be paid in whatever is saved when the commissions run. Each GPU share is valid for 2, days of mining. After 2, days your share will expire and you will no longer receive any benefit from this mining pool.

When you purchase a share you have full control over your GPU machine and which coins you would like to mine on a daily basis. You can also request we ship your GPU rig if you decide you want to mine on your own.

By doing this you forfeit all future commissions in our GPU pools. Clubcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency that has a decentralized and consensus based system where all transactions are viewed in a public ledger. Which means nobody has control and everything is completely transparent to everyone on the network. This type of distributed network allows the coin to function without having to trust anyone.

The concept of all digital currency is taking the control out of a central authority and putting it where it belongs… In the hands of the people! With Clubcoin you can transfer money between accounts with ease. You can send any amount to any other person and they will receive it fast and be able to spend it once the transaction is confirmed by the network.

We have fully integrated ClubCoin into our invoicing system for all products. This will allow you to use your virtual wallet balance to pay for any BitClub Network products offered, including this new Ethereum Mining Pool share! Clubcoin uses the Proof of Stake method to secure all transactions. This means whoever is holding Clubcoin can decide to use the coin to help verify the transactions in the ledger.

This process is called staking and this is how the newly issued coins are introduced to the network. Anyone can stake coins and be rewarded with newly issued Clubcoin. All you have to do is download a wallet and keep the wallet online to process the transactions. This uses your computing power to distribute and verify the network and you get rewarded.

Clubcoin uses open source code, which means everything is public and can be checked, this is what makes digital currency so powerful. Everything is transparent and available for viewing and nobody has anymore authority than anyone else.

Your authority only comes based on how much Clubcoin you are holding and staking and anyone can be part of this network. Digital currency will only work if there is a distributed network for it to run on. This requires users to adopt the coin and want to use it. Anybody can start using Clubcoin to transfer money to friends, family, or to pay for goods and services.

Clubcoin gives you complete control over your money because YOU are the only one who can transfer it from your wallet to another wallet.

Without your private key nobody can touch your Clubcoin , which makes it very safe and secure. Any business in the world can start accepting Clubcoin for their goods and services. Clubcoin gives merchants more options and felxibility to accept payments from all over the world. Clubcoin is safe, cheap, and easy to use with no charge backs, low fraud and no compliance hoops or banks to deal with.

We are also launching a complete plug and play merchant platform that will make Clubcoin even easier to accept.

Clubcoin is open source and we are looking for more developers to contribute to our platform. Clubcoin is ideal for micro payments. With the strength of BitClub Network members we believe this coin will be adopted very easily and the ecosystem will be thriving. We would love to have you part of it! This drops in half every 2 years.

Other digital currencies that are only Prook-of-work face issues due to their reliability on large-scale mining operations. Clubcoin was first introduced to BitClub Network members as a strategic way to distribute the coins across a global network of users. This model gives Clubcoin a unique advantage over most coins in the market as it will continue to be issued and distributed worldwide to a fast growing user base.

Since many members will be eager to use this platform we have created a very strategic way to sign up new merchants. We have big plans to grow the entire Clubcoin ecosystem. Receive 3, ClubCoins Free — 3. Receive 1, ClubCoins Free — 2. The Ethereum pool, debit card purchases, and all partial share purchases do not qualify for this ClubCoin promotion. It has been replaced with CoinPay shares, which began on January 4th after the ClubCoin giveaway expired. The virtual staking pool that allows you to earn mining rewards by participating in our pools.

You have the option to stake as many coins as you want for the time periods of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Once you stake your coins they are locked for the time you select and will be returned to your wallet after the period expires. Each month you will earn your staked rewards that will automatically be added to your Virtual ClubCoin Wallet. You can keep track of all coins being staked at the bottom of the Staking Pool page.

Staking your coins is final! When you select a time period you will not have access to your ClubCoin for that entire period. You will be paid monthly mining rewards every 30 days according to the day listed under Next Pay Day. Once your staking contract reaches the End Date you will receive your original amount plus your last monthly payment. We dropped this rate to encourage more nodes! The more nodes we can rely on the more efficient and secure the network will be and the more valuable our coin will be.

So please do your part and download the ClubCoin Wallet. Did you know ClubCoin nodes work based on their location and proximity to other nodes? Think of a big spiderweb, or rather a bunch of smaller spiderwebs that need to spread out in order for remote locations to have a connection. We initially set up 5 geographical seeds and from these seeds the network needs nodes in between to connect everyone together. The tighter the nodes and the more people connected to them the more stable the network is.

World Coin Index is a public listing of all the important coins. Here you can see how all of these top coins are trending over various time frames. Coin Market Cap is another great source of information.

Bittrex is one of the largest coin exchanges around. It is fully compliant with US regulations and with a standard trade commission of 0. Clubcoin Facebook Support Group: Go to the official ClubCoin website — www. After you download the wallet it should automatically launch and begin the installation process.

Right now this software is brand new and we are in the process of registering it with the major anti-virus companies to make the download process easier. However, you will likely see a message that the software is blocked or could be unsafe, you will need to give the program permission in order to run it. After you install the wallet it will launch automatically if it does not run automatically find it on your computer and open it. When you open the wallet it will be Out of Sync and will need to begin downloading all of the history from the very beginning.

This could take up to 1 hour depending on your computer speed. This means you are now a full node for ClubCoin and every transaction will be logged and verified on your computer — You are mining! You can generate as many addresses as you want and name them so you can easily keep track of them. Once you have your address go under My Profile and you will be able to save this address in the ClubCoin address field.

Once you save it here the address will be linked to your account and you can easily request a withdrawal just like you do for Bitcoin. Because the network is brand new this could take a few days so please be patient. This will happen a lot faster in the future as the network security and distribution become stronger. Your coins will begin staking automatically as long as your computer remains on and the program remains open.

You can see this under the main dashboard. You will also see a green arrow at the bottom of the wallet.. When this green arrow is green it means you are staking. The wallet MUST be unlocked in order to stake. Staking coins especially early on can be an unpredictable process. You may see your coins generating new blocks daily, or it could take a long time before you hit a block.

The block sizes are also all over the place. You may see 20 coins, 50 coins, coins and random amounts. This will begin to stabilize over time and as the network becomes more mature. So please understand this and if you are not comfortable taking control over your coins you can leave them in your virtual wallet and participate in our staking pools where your coins are guaranteed.

For security reasons you cannot enter the address on this page, you must enter the address under your profile page and save it. In order to obtain a ClubCoin address you must download the wallet from the ClubCoin website.

First you must add a valid ClubCoin address under My Profile section and save it. Once you have saved your address it will automatically show in the form on the withdraw page. So if you attempt to request the entire balance you may receive an error message.

Example if you have You may actually have The Smart Payment APP will be release early and people will start using the Clubcoin for their daily purchases and transactions, resulting in an increase of the value. We have been working side by side with the company developing it and we have been able to negotiate an incredible offer that gives our members exclusive rights to market this platform for a minimum of 1 year. The deal also includes ClubCoin to be used as a native token on the platform along with Bitcoin.

The Smart Payment App is very cutting edge software and there is nothing else on the market like it. The coins will either remain in full control of the customer or the merchant. This is a big deal because the company will not have to register as a merchant account, money transmitter, or anything in the financial space because they never touch any of the funds and there is no risk or regulation needed for software.

The process is very complex on the backend but very easy on the front end. BitClub Network has an exclusive deal that can last up to 3 years depending on total growth and overall merchant adoption in the first year. After this period expires the platform will be able to seek outside merchants but until then all new merchants can only sign up through an existing member of BitClub Network. The company providing the Smart Payment App is fully supporting the merchants and handling all customer support, and they are fully dedicated and available to help merchants adopt this platform.

Everyone in the world including the United States members are able to sign up new merchants and use the Smart Payment App software without any registration or being subject to any existing regulations. Now that Bitclub Network went out of the US market for the Bitcoin Mining pools, we wanted to explain more about the relationship and the opportunity members have to participate in the merchant platform.

BitClub Network is running a mining pool and everyone can get a piece of all the Bitcoin being mined. This is where BitClub Network is different, we have a cutting edge referral based pay plan that uses Bitcoin mining to offer a unique income opportunity for members. When you purchase a share of these mining pools you are actually purchasing bitcoin mining machines that are being leased to you over a day period. These machines have been assembled for the sole purpose of mining Bitcoin blocks and we will continue to purchase the latest technology as it becomes available.

For each share that you purchase you will receive a revenue share of all the Bitcoin being produced from that pool. These commissions are paid to you on a daily basis and each pool has their own requirement to use a certain percentage of your earnings to pay for expansion, maintenance, electricity, cooling, and other expenses.

Each person who buys a mining pool share will receive daily profits from the Bitcoin mined. These daily profits vary based on whatever mining is receive and the total shares in each pool. For each share you purchase you will receive daily profits for days. The reason our pay plan is so exciting is because you are paid commissions on EVERY person that you share this opportunity with.

Anytime they earn Bitcoin from a share of the mining pool you will also earn a percentage based on where they fall in your Level Up structure. When purchasing a share you are taking all the risk and reward for whatever happens over the days of your mining contract. This position will not be activated until you purchase a minimum of 1 share in any of our mining pools. To qualify all you need to do is place one personally sponsored person on your left and one on your right and you are eligible for binary commissions.

All sales including spillover down your left and right legs will count towards your total binary volume. You do not need to qualify for the first Level because all members automatically begin at the rank of Miner. To earn on level 2 matches you must qualify at the rank of Builder, To earn on level 3 matches you must qualify at the rank of Pro Builder, and finally to earn on level 4 matches you must be qualified as a Master Builder or Monster Builder.

This means if your sponsor does not qualify it will look upline to their sponsor and so on until it finds 4 people to pay a the qualified ranks. Enrollment tree is from the line of personal sponsorship not binary legs. When someone qualifies for a rank they are instantly paid at that rank for the next calendar month. To maintain each rank a member must meet the monthly qualifier to be paid.

If the rank is not achieve the member will move back to the rank they qualify for until the monthly qualifier is achieved, then it will instantly promote them for the next month. This Level-up plan pays through infinite levels and you will earn based on what team your personally sponsored members fall into.

There are 4 possible teams based strictly on how many people you enroll. The first two people that you personally enroll who purchase at least 1 mining pool share will be placed into your Team 1 Level-up.

You will not earn any commissions in your Team 1 Level-up below these two people, everything is rolled up to the qualified upline or uplines above you. When you personally enroll your 3rd, 4th and 5th members who each purchase a minimum of 1 full share they will each be placed into your Team 2 Level-up Plan. When you personally enroll your 6th, 7th and 8th members who each purchase a minimum of 1 full share they will each be placed into your Team 3 Level-up Plan. This continues through infinite levels on all 3,4,5 members in this sequence.

When you personally enroll your 9th member and every other person after your 9th, each person will be placed into your Team 4 Level-up Plan. This continues through infinite levels on all 6,7,8 members in this sequence. When one of your personally sponsored members in Team 4 begins their own Team 4 and then any of these members enroll their 9th person and beyond you will earn another 0.

Finally we take it one generation further so that when a personally sponsored member in your Team 4 begins their own Team 4 and someone on this team begins their own Team 4 you will earn another 0. This bonus uses the same Level up structure from the Full Share purchases in 3 above. The only difference is you will earn MORE commissions on all partial shares and re-purchases made from everyone in your Level up teams.

There is only one level up structure and through this structure we have Full Shares that are paid out according to the percentages in 3 and then Partial Shares which are paid out in the percentages listed below.

We did this in order to keep the old compensation structure intact for recurring purchases made from the day we started. This continues through infinite levels on all 3,4,5 members. This continues through infinite levels on all 6,7,8 members. We like to give leaders a strong incentive to grow and earn on all the volume they are responsible for bringing in, so this Infinity Override is another bonus that pays deep.

These simple override percentages below can mean huge commissions because we use dynamic compression to find the next Rank to pay. Blocked on volume under the 3rd Builder in your leg. Blocked on volume under the 3rd Pro Builder in your leg. Blocked on volume under the 2nd Master Builder in your leg.

In theory this is not a true infinity override because you could get blocked by having 3 Generations of Master Builders, but if you do end up getting blocked you are going to be very happy about all the other commissions you are earning to get here. Your Bitcoin Wallet inside the Bitclub Network is flexible with payment options. This is very useful for paying invoices, transferring Bitcoin to other BitClub members and purchasing shares for multiple accounts.

Our system will instantly create an invoice with that amount and you will have 10 minutes to pay it. Once you pay the invoice you will see Bitcoin BTC credited to your wallet instantly.

With this feature you can directly upgrade and purchase shares in any of our 3 mining pools for any member using their username. All you have to do is select the package below and then manually enter the Username of the member you want to pay for. Please take your time and double check your actions before using this transfer system.


Bitcoin (₿) is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic wow-cataclysm-guides.tk is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.. Transactions are verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded in a public distributed . The relative anonymity afforded by using the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin appears to be in jeopardy, making it potentially less attractive for use in connection. MINE BITCOINS on easy way - cloud way CLAIM YOUR FREE GH/s TRIAL NOW!. Purchase cloud-based mining power (GH/s) at the most competitive rates and start mining bitcoins .