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Obituaries for those who served in the. He was a member of the Edmonton Country Club for over 50 years. He spent his working life on the water as a Fisherman and Captain of various vessels. Erotic Art Liberty Founder? He is lovingly remembered for his wonderful sense of humour and happy-go-lucky nature. Todd Patrick McCormick Affiliation: In lieu of flowers, a donation in Ken's memory to Parkinson Canada or St.

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UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor

MacNeill History section. Images of some ships not listed above may be found in the Ship List section. I'm Charlie Dobie, the creator and maintainer of this website. Therese , in Victoria BC. Photos are shown of these people: Photos are shown of these ships: Section updated April 30, Robert Berbeck joined the RCN in and was trained as a signalman. Bob took the photo which appears at the top of this website page.

The photo is of his late brother-in-law John White. Photos are shown of or on board these ships: Section revised April 30, Grant Sinclair's email address no longer works! He left the RCN in February, Another former navy member is John Gorman of Halifax, N. After leaving the navy, he went on to become an Oceanography Technician at the Bedford Institute and also a trained federal Fisheries Officer.

He further graduated from the Forest Technology program in Fredericton, N. For some reason he was then known as "Charlie Brown", and it was a surprise to me to get these photos from Bob Brown.

When the services were integrated he asked for a discharge and transferred to the U. Navy where he trained as a medical corpsman. He then transfered to the U. Marines and served for almost two years in Vietnam. Taking advantage of the G. After a year he transfered to the Fleet Diving Unit Pacific and served until when he had to leave because of a back injury. He was medically discharged to pension after falling three storeys off a hotel roof. Section updated February 1, Carl Ash served in the Navy from to Unfortunately, his email address bounces.

Peter Friesen was in the RCN from to After he left the Navy he worked for five years as a bread salesman and baker, then for 38 years for a window company until he retired in While working at the window company he was also a lay minister and preacher. He continued his ministry after retirement until a heart attack and triple bypass surgery in November Section updated February 8, Section revised October 27, He served in Korea then stayed in the Navy as a reservist after his first stint, retiring at the compulsory retirement age of 55 with the rank of C1BN4.

Ken's photos are courtesy of Robert Berbeck. Ken was able to give only limited information about these photos before he passed.

Some are official RCN photos, but others taken in the 's and 's, may be originals. However, it is not known who took them. Ships shown in this section: Surnames in this section: Section revised March 14, Jim Thorn served from He says he enjoyed his work as a medic and although he only served five years he remembers them fondly.

Section revised July 24, Don Young is a long-retired mechanical engineer who worked for Vickers-Sperry from to After joining a consulting company in he serviced and maintained cranes at DND Halifax. Terry Findlay joined up in and after basic training he was in the first batch of airframe technicians to go to Camp Borden. Things didn't work out well for him and he was offered a change of trade or release. Laurent world cruise in '64 , the St.

Croix and finished on the Ste. Therese, completing my three year hitch, March 20, to March 19th, We were very proud!! Looking back I have very fond memories, especially lucking out on a nine month around-the-world cruise. What young 18 year old wouldn't love that? After leaving the service I again lucked out landing a thirty-year career as a firefighter with the City of Burnaby. I have been retired for just over ten years, living in Parksville, BC. I stated above that my name was Steen Heilbuth which I have changed to my birth father's name of Laursen.

I found out at the age of fifty years old that I was adopted. Fortunately, I learned of my adoption soon enough to meet my birth parents in Denmark. So there you have it in a nut shell. If you sailed with me please drop me a line. Ed Koski died in Toronto on September 8, Section revised September 19, He was a Steward and left with the rank of Leading Seaman.

Most of his time at sea was served as Captain's Steward and his time in Montreal was spent serving in the Officers' Mess. This section is different from the others in that Claus has a website, complete with his own RCN photos and digitized 8mm movies, so I've provided direct links to the various sections of his website here. He passed away in These photos were taken between and Shown are photos of Provider as well as of several Fairmile patrol boats. Included also are memorial cards dedicated to Canadian ships which were lost during the war.

Allan passed away on May 6, , at the age of I left after my five years in July, He served five years, was a gunnery rate, and was discharged in with the rank of ABWS1. Herbert died about He retired in December, with the rank of Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class, and immediately started work as a civilian on the navy's new Frigate programme. His photo series ends with 21 photos of a get-together celebrating the 50th anniversary of the commissioning of HMCS Ojibwa, held in September, The surnames of those shown in Brian's photos are: Canadian Navy ships shown: American Navy ships shown: Other naval ships shown: Section corrected May 16, I was still only nineteen.

It was a great adventure for a young kid. He died about None of the other ships are numbered. Lynette says in part: We understood that he was involved in searching for and destroying floating mines left from the war. Section updated January 14, Russell Jack Watson was in the navy from April, to April, He left the navy when tri-service came into effect. At first he was a stoker then re-mustered to a cook. As of he was working on a cruise ship and hopes to retire there.

Many thanks to Smokey's son, Gordon P. Rhymes, for these photos of his father. There is little information accompanying these photos, and few people other than Smokey are identified, but some locations have been determined by the dates in his service records. Section revised October 22, Not having their own cameras, they purchased official photos of the voyage and of life on board and ashore, which were made available to crew members at a cost of about 10 cents each.

Although there are many photos in common, their purchases differed enough so that the two collections together provide an almost complete record of the trip. Their sons, Ken Johnson, Jr. Thanks also to Al Brosseau who provided me with two photos of that voyage which were given to him by a cousin. When I scanned Ken Johnson's collection I recorded the official negative numbers which were written on the back of each print. Because I scanned Ken's photos in the order I picked them out of the envelope, it never occurred to me that these numbers were in date order, and I arranged his dad's section by what I thought was common subject or location.

Later research proved that I was wrong on many of my assumtions about location, etc. The sections of the two shipmates there is no indication they knew each other have been presented together here.

Ken Johnson's has been left as I first arranged it, with the addition of negative numbers in the photo descriptions, but Phil Hodgkin's section is in negative number order, which shows the progression of the trip from Belfast, Ireland, around the world to Esquimalt, BC. But more than that, in the latter section, the two collections have been combined into a photo album showing the complete trip.

There are many photos missing from the album, as the large gaps in the negative numbers show. If anyone can fill in the blanks, I would much appreciate copies of the missing photos. March, -- A list of the photographs was discoverd in William Philip Hodgkin's papers. The photos are listed in negative number order and include the date and photo description. Most photos listed were taken by Leading Photographer Sydney H. February, -- These photos plus others in the series which are missing from this collection can be seen in the HMCS Ontario album on the "For Posterity's Sake" website.

December 1, -- Robert Ferris sent me a large collection of photos owned by his father, Edmund Ferris. There are many duplicates of the official photo series seen in Ken Johnson's and Russell Hodgkin's collections, but there are quite a number of officlal photos which aren't in those sets. In November, I received an email from Ken Johnson, which said in part: He had a lot of photos taken on their first voyage.

Would these be of any interest? I also have a full size photo of the whole crew on the ship. Even though the prints are small, the scans produced sharp images. From an undated Christmas card owned by Ken Johnson, Jr. Special thanks is given to Tony Banham for identifying the many Hong Kong photos.

Tony is the author of three books on the war in Hong Kong, with a fourth and probably several more being researched. Please see his fascinating website Hong Kong War Diary. Because of his information, I've been able to re-group many of the photos into several Hong Kong sections. He kindly sent me modern versions of many of the Ceylon photos and also helped me sort out those taken in Egypt.

This Canadian didn't know date palms don't grow in Sri Lanka. Thanks also to Russell Hodgkin, whose father's photo collection is immediately below this one. Russell was the one who clued me in to the fact that the negative numbers of the official photos are in order of occurrence, so arranging them in negative number order would show the progression of the voyage from start to finish.

This insight also enabled us to identify many previously unknown locations. He corrected previous descriptions of many of the Hong Kong photos and added new information to others. As mentioned above, a list of the photos taken during the voyage was found in the papers of William Phillip Hodkin see the section immediately below. Several ships and people were identified by name in the list and they have been added to the photo descriptions as well as to the paragraphs below.

People identified so far: Section Revised August 16, His official title was "Writer". He retired from the Navy in Douglas Abbott, Rear-Admiral V. Section revised June 14, After the war he went to work as an autobody man at Lakehead Motors in Port Arthur now Thunder Bay, Ontario and in the 's started his own autobody business, "Ferris and Marsh Autobody". Most of the photos in his collection are duplicates of the official photos shown in the two sections above.

I've shown only those which are missing in the above sections, as well as about 20 taken by Edmund or with his camera by various people. Scans are courtesy of Edmund's son, Robert Ferris. Welch, Colonel Adrian Williamson, Capt. Section revised August 6, Strangely enough, even though both were at the top of their class during basic training, they each decided the Navy wasn't for them and they took early release.

Rick Faulkner says in an email: After taking three summer courses back east during a four year hitch, in my 4th year I was awarded the "Admiral Hose Trophy" for best cadet of the year.

I was navy bound. This is when I applied for the Navy Technical school as an Apprentice. One week later I was accepted, so back home I went. This was a good move as this is when I decided the Navy was not for me. I was released in October, and started the 11 month welding course at the Nanaimo Vocational School, where I met my wife.

I retired from the Crofton Pulp and Paper Mill in A weird thought crossed my mind, all three vessels I worked on are in Davy Jones locker.

Hmmm, is there a common denominator here? If anyone can add their names to any photos, please do so, and I would like to hear from you. My plan was to make the Navy my career. I joined at Halifax on Aug. In my second six months of trades training at Naden I became convinced that my career choice was a bad one. Morale was very low and long term prospects looked bleak. After several requests for release I was discharged, honourably, on Jan.

I enrolled that fall at the University of British Columbia and graduated several years later from Dalhousie University in Halifax with a B. I have worked most of the subsequent years as a field geologist in mineral exploration and petroleum drilling. Section updated January 12, He lives with his wife in Fenelon Falls, Ontario.

Iain MacNeill says this about his father: He attempted enlistment at several locations in Vancouver and in Edmonton but was denied on account of his age -- 27 years being considered too old. He was finally accepted for enlistment in August at Chippawa Recruitment Centre in Winnipeg at 29, when the recruitment standards were relaxed.

As it turned out he really was as good as he said he was -- he had skills the Navy couldn't teach. He never abused his recruits and was a very competent, confident man with an innate ability to inspire and motivate people leading by example.

He was a good guy to have on your side when it counted most. Surnames in photos are: Section revised November 27, Ross sent me this collection of photos, almost all originals taken by his father James Macey Ross, during his time in the Navy during WW2. After completing his training, he served for a short time on the corvette HMCS Giffard, then until the end of the war as a signals and electronics operator aboard the frigate HMCS Jonquiere.

See the James M. He served on her until his discharge in September After leaving the Navy he changed one uniform for another by joining the Edmonton Fire Department where he spent 30 years, retiring as a Captain in He now lives in Spruce Grove, AB. Updated July 6, He graduated from Fleet School in the early 's, retired as a Lt. Commander, and died in Qualicum Beach, BC, in He left behind a few photographs and not much information, so Michele is trying to piece together these loose threads to get a picture of his life.

Section updated August 3, He and Christina met in Vienna in and they emigrated to Australia in Klaus died in April, in Tasmania, Australia. Updated September 16, After leaving the navy he went on to study at the University of Victoria, and graduated in He did graduate school at the University of Saskatchewan, then worked for the federal government until retiring in Section added November 21, Tom Miller sent me these photos from his father's album.

He spent his first year at Naden and Royal Roads, most likely in training. He is identified in the ship's company photo in the History Section of this website. The explosion killed about 2, people and wounded about 9, She was used as a troop carrier during WWI, and spent much of the war carying troops between Europe and Halifax.

Other photos were taken on a ship much too small to have been either Niobe or Olympic, but was possibly a patrol ship, sweeper, or drifter, which has yet to be identified. In fact, the only photo which can be positively identified as HMCS Niobe is the group photo of 29 crew members, one of whom is almost certainly William Dalton Johnston.

Photos were taken in Halifax harbour or at sea. The only person identified is William Dalton Johnston. World War 1 ships identified: World War 2 ships identified: Click here to see William Dalton Johnston's Section. Bob says he doesn't have too many photos left of his naval career, but those below were mostly taken at CFS Alert, and mostly in the pitch dark -- the sun was disappearing below the horizon when he arrived in August , and was just re-appearing when he left in March He lives near Orlando, Florida.

He joined the RCN in at the age of 22 and retired in He was based in Halifax and remained there throughout his naval career. Most of these years he worked in the engine room of the ships. When he retired he immediately started his own successful refrigeration repair business in Halifax, which is still in operation today. He died in at the age of The photo series of 12 shots onboard ship during exercises in the Meditteranean and off the coast of England, were taken by Ken onboard the HMCS Magnificent in - The film containing these photos was developed and printed almost 50 years after they were taken when the film canister was discovered in the home of a friend in , the year he died.

Ken's photos are courtesy of his daughter, Susan Logue. Unfortunately, her email address now bounces. Kenneth Bowie entered the Navy in the spring of He then returned home to Red Deer, Alberta. After a few odd jobs he started Alberta Bowie Construction and became a prominent home builder for many years. He then started two oil and gas drilling companies. He also ran a successful company called Happy Valley, teaching Calgarians how to ski.

Not content to rest on his laurels, he recently created another new company in the restoration business. He reached another milestone on August 8th , when he turned 90 years old and going strong. Ken's photos are courtesy of his son Melvin James Bowie. Also included are official photos of the capture of two German U-boats -- U and U, which surrendered in Newfoundland. Section revised December 10, Not too much is known about his naval career, but he served most of his time on HMCS Tillsonburg, a Castle Class Corvette, which spent her entire time on convoy duty in the Atlantic.

Photos were taken in Bermuda, London, England, Newfoundland and aboard ship. These photos are courtesy of his son Alan Miller.

With that completed I was instructed that I was chosen to attend Royal Roads for training as a helicopter pilot. I informed my Divisional Officer that I would not do so. If you wish to learn more about the branch please visit Jerry Proc's website, where you will find a great deal of information on the "er world". I now work as a Senior Consultant, in taxation, for Canada's leading tax company.

The ship was stationed in Hamilton, Ontario, during the summer of for reserve training, and the ship's whaler crew, coxswained by PO McLennon, won the Carling Trophy in a race against 16 other entries. All but one of the photos are of the race, the whaler crew, and the trophy presentation. Not much information is available about his navy career, but the first photos show him as an Able Seaman, and by he was wearing a Sub-Lieutenant's uniform.

His photos were sent to me by his nephew, Michael Monahan, who lives in Ireland. Many thanks to Jim Duval for thie collection of photos taken by his father, Lt.

Neil's navy career started during WW2 when he served as a stoker from July to May In he was appointed to Headquarters as Assistant Director of Fire-fighting, then appointed Director of Firefighting in Section added January 17, He joined at the age of 16 in July and served as a stoker on HMCS Antigonish from late to the end of the war.

He prepared his own pdf file, which is published below. Section added April 7, Many thanks to Mark Cowie for these photos found in his father's personal papers. Mark knows virtually nothing about his father's RCN career except that he served in Esquimalt.

These photos show his father, George Robert Bob Cowie as an officer cadet. The prints are dated June , and the locations seem to be Halifax or on-board an unknown ship, either a Tribal class destroyer or a frigate.

Section revised February 7, Many thanks to Barbara Good Gateley for this collection of photographs belonging to her mother. Barbara writes in part: She trained in Galt, Ontario, Esquimalt, B. She worked mainly in Ottawa and was stationed at Kingsmill House. In the course of her duties, she met Franklin D. Gertrude mostly known as "Trudy" by her mates, was demobilized in January whereupon she returned home to Bathurst, N.

They participated in many battles, including the Battle of Ortona, breaking the Nazi stronghold in the east. Gordon died in and Gertrude died in Many photos of people are unidentified, but some were noted: Surnames of RCN men: Section revised December 23, He writes of his father:. He was a Chief Steward in charge of the wardroom.

He never talked about the war but there was an envelope with various pictures from that time in our house when we were growing up. If I remember rightly, he was friends with the photographer on the ship and many of the photos came from him.

When my father died in , I took the photos from the envelope that I wanted -- mainly ones with him in the picture and sent the rest originals off to some Haida Association address.

I cannot remember what most of the other photos were of but I know there were shots of HMCS Athabaskan and certainly the one of the ship's company which is on the present Haida Association website. I do not know what ever happened to the photos I sent as I never heard back from anyone. The only photos I have left are the ones I sent you.

I did not know Tom, but his father Jack Miller see Jack Miller's section on this website trained at Naden with my father, and he and his future wife were best man and bridesmaid for my parents' wedding in Victoria before Dad shipped overseas. In contacting Tom, he also had many other photos from that time which our family has never seen. It was Tom who suggested I also forward whatever photos I have to you as well. Many thanks to Norman Josephson's son, Gord Josephson, for the photos in this section.

They were pictures of ships that my father had acquired during his service in the Canadian Navy at the time of the Korean war. My father Norman Josephson passed away when I was in my teens and he never was one to discuss his days in the service with us so we have no information from that period. Section added February 4, Many thanks to the late Daniel Haydu's sister, Barb Conroy, for these photos.

Danny then worked at the Prince George pulpmill in the steam plant, then Prince Rupert Hospital steam plant prior to retiring. He died in Section added February 8, Many thanks to the late Joe Lesage's son, Richard Lesage, who sent me these copies of photos and documents in his father's collection.

Richard says that his father enlisted in and retired in Section revised April 21, He served until and left with the rank of ABLM1. Larry is a ham radio operator with the call sign of "VE3GT". More details on his ham radio career can be found on the qrz. Surnames of identified people: Ships and land bases shown: Section revised September 10, Click here to see Larry Thivierge's Section.

Yvan Martineau said in an email: I joined in after turning I must have spent nearly three years on board, which I really enjoyed. In I got promoted to P2BD3. After two years there I got my P1BD3. This arrangement worked out very well as most of their activities were weekends and evenings which did not intefere with my studies and at the same time earned a bit of money.

I finally graduated in and had to abandon the RCN -- a sad day! I retired 20 years ago when my son took over the Clinic. It has been a very good life. Section added July 5, Click here to see Yvan Martineau's Section. I received an email from Tara Kennedy, who said: I am not sure which one served on the ship though as they have both passed.

Based on the opinion of their only remaining sibling, a younger sister, the family thinks it was John who served on HMCS Bonaventure. Robert died in and John died in , so there is no way other than obtaining their service records, to tell who served where and when. Robert is shown at left, in Winnipeg, in The colour portrait is of John, probably mid's.

Section revised October 24, I received an email from Robyn Barker, who said: Like most he didn't talk about it and when he died he took a lot of those details with him. There are several photos taken of and on Fairmiles hull numbers Q, Q, Q are clearly shown -- see "The Fairmiles: There are many photos of crew members, both lower deck and officers, but they all seem to have been taken on Fairmiles.

There is also a shot of an unknown jetty where the cars parked are from the 's or 's. Section added August 30, These photos are courtesy of his daughter, Debbie Ann Vokey.

Section added January 14, Originally from Saskatchewan, Bob Sr. He died at age 88, in Photos added February 13, I received an email from Nickol Dawson who is trying to find information about her late grandfather, Robert Bob Holmwood.

About all that is known about his Navy career was gleaned from a set of photos she emailed me, plus copies of a couple of documents. Most of the photos show hovercraft at various locations. It is possible that after leaving the Navy he worked for Britten-Norman, a British manufacturer of aircraft and hovercraft.

Section added February 12, Rod "Rocky" Rockwell was born in Amherst N. After the end of CPFP he continued to work on and off with the Shipyard until the late 's when he retired for good. Section revised March 2, Ret Bill Gard, said in various emails: His oldest brother, Fred Gard, is still living and will be this summer.

Dad was one of five brothers who all served in WWII and all came home. He couldn't join sooner as his mother depended on him to help the family as she was a widow with eight children. I am sure he would have sailed in other ship s and I am not sure which ones. Section revised September 13, This section contains historical photos related to the RCN. If you have any photos in your family album, taken by yourself, or perhaps a friend or relative, please send me a scan as I would love to use it in this section.

This is not a complete list -- for example, the complete ships' companies of HMCS Aurora, Niobe, Patrician, Patriot, and Rainbow are listed, per the and censuses. Section revised August 10, Click here to see this section of photos of RCN Ships, mostly without members of the crew visible. Most are DND photos but some are originals taken by those who submitted them to me. I've written papers on tower clocks and the Westminster clock. A discussion on remontoire along with visual aids can all be accessed through the Other Items button.

Below is a commission, to my design, to have a large, complex astronomical clock built over the next several years; it was begun in January and can be seen under the Astro skeleton button , above.

A synopsis of the project through August Watch the construction as it progresses. A library of videos in connection with this project can be viewed on my YouTube channel: Left, original mockup in wood, July Next, clock construction as of August Interested in selling or a trade?

The site is graphics intensive and is best enjoyed with a high speed internet connection. Any questions, comments, suggestions email me: Bank Vault Time Locks. Read papers on the history of tower clocks. The accident in to the clock at Westminster Big Ben. The theory and applications of remontoire.

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