How to remove your phone number from Facebook on mobile

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How to remove your phone number from Facebook
You can even receive Facebook notifications not only on your computer but on your smartphone as well. Click on the small arrow which points down at the far top right corner of your Facebook home page. A notification box will appear asking you to input your password. Next, click on Contacts from the left-hand column and you should see many of your friends' phone numbers on the Phonebook Contacts page. Any browser will do. Click "Save Changes" at the bottom.

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How To Remove Phone Number From Facebook – Remove Your Phone Number From Your Facebook Profile

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How To Remove Phone Number From Facebook

Aug 10,  · If you access Facebook from a mobile device, your phone number may be listed in your friends' contacts list. It's easy to remove your phone number, if . I tried looking up in google how to delete my phone number from facebook but it only shows on computer not mobile. I need to know right away. Anybody know. Jun 11,  · How to Remove Your Phone Number on Facebook. Facebook is a social networking site that allows the users to create a personal profile, share photos and videos, exchange messages, post statuses, make video calls, and so much more, through Views: 58K.