Does Netflix censor its movies?

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We want to make entertainment available to everybody. Know of any legitimate ways to get the TV version? I watched the first three episodes on DVD and the rest of seasons on Netflix. Why do dinosaurs eat only men? We're very interested to learn what those limitations are, what ends up happening in terms of the bandwidth, what kinds of devices [people use], where people end up using Netflix

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Why the F*** is breaking bad censored on netflix

In India in particular we've licensed almost a hundred local Indian Bollywood titles; classics, some recent ones, and some indie cinema that we're excited about," she told us. There is one prominent Netflix Original that's currently missing though - you can't stream House of Cards on Netflix India - possibly due to licensing issues, as it was being aired on Zee Cafe. The only other show that we can recall making it to Indian broadcasters - Orange is the New Black - is available, likely because it was licensed under different terms.

Beyond Bollywood, there is already regional programming on the service. We're looking to flesh that out as well," said Patel. Netflix and Chilli Chicken? Maybe, but There Are Challenges. In terms of American shows that are popular and in demand, Jaffe added: The way to think about it is that the content on Netflix is not static, and so over the next year or so the content may even double.

When we think about the original series we're looking at 31 new series or seasons of series coming this year, and 24 new original feature films.

Censorship is a hot topic in India, and Netflix has no plans to change anything about its programming - at least not yet. Characterising the entire launch as a learning process, Jaffe explained that the service encourages self-selection.

First of all one thing to understand is that to sign up for Netflix a credit card is required. You go through the signup process and then you access Netflix. It's a very proactive process; you have to go seek it out.

This is not just for India, this is for the whole world - what we really want to do is give members the information they need to make smart choices around the kinds of things that they and their families want to watch. Jaffe demonstrated pulling up a TV show and pointed out the information shown to users on screen. We make these features available and the information available, and then we want to learn how it works for our members. Our goal is to comply with local rules and regulations but at this point there's no censorship of anything on the service.

On the possibility of legal trouble down the line, Jaffe reiterated that the company considers itself "in a learning mode". Consumer control, informing the consumer and giving the consumer tools to manage what's right for them and their families is the most important thing.

We want to abide by any local regulations and we want to respond and see what happens on a case-by-case basis. Fouques added another perspective: So it's not up to us to make regulations for this. We are an entertainment service so we are not here to dictate any rules. We want to make entertainment available to everybody. But how are consumers going to enjoy Netflix, considering its bandwidth requirements and the prevalence of data caps?

This is one of the things that we're very interested to learn. This is the first day of a lot of learning. There are some minor scenes that aired on television which didn't appear on the extended blu-ray edition, which I believe is the version Netflix was given by the studios. The sixth episode of Spartacus offers 12 altered scenes, which makte the Extended Version 16 seconds longer. However, the Extended Version also misses out on a few scenes. Two of the women lash into each other. There's an exhaustive comparison of the two versions here: They don't censor anything in House of Cards.

How would you know whether they've censored anything before broadcast in House of Cards since the Netflix version is the only one that's out there? He was talking about censorship by removing scenes outright, not by bleeping language during scenes.

I can't remember if Doctor Manhattan was hanging dong or not in Watchmen I watched it the other day, anyone care to enlighten me? Probably not, and just your imagination. I remember watching the show as well and I'm rewatching it, doesn't seem to be censored. I don't really see why Netflix would decide to censor a show.

They don't censor, while Spartacus has many tits, people often over react to how much it actually has. Is to have expected more than it actually has. I don't remember or have any idea what I was trying to convey in that second sentence so i'll just leave it how it is cause it reads funny.

The problem is I've seen the show before on Netflix back in I remember seeing more than I'm seeing now. Netflix probably had the TV version in which would make sense given the the distribution deal Netflix had with Starz at the time.

Looks like you can watch the first episode for free on starzplay. I would assume you have to have cable to watch the rest. Yeah but I mean, especially if you saw it that long ago, you're gonna be remembering stuff that didn't happen or think more of something else happened. It's like a movie you saw long ago and and saw a bunch of violence and a while after that you tagged it as a really violent movie, but after watching it again after a few years it was less violent than you thought, i'm pretty bad at analogies but hopefully that makes sense haha.

Same for Spartacus and tits, people practically expect sex in every scene because that's the general idea people have behind Spartacus, tits and violence. No I totally get what you're saying. I do remember tits and violence - and don't get me wrong there's plenty of that when I'm watching it now - I just also remember there being more. I think one of the other posters here has it right, that Starz censored a tiny bit before distributing to Netflix. Oh yeah I just read that post, that could be the case.

I didn't watch the show on Netflix so I don't really know either way haha. Episode nine of the first season would be a really big test if it's the case. Lots of nakedness in that one. I mean, in episode 5 you see full frontal dick from Crixus. So I know they aren't censoring everything , but for some reason I remember some of the fight scenes in the initial episodes cutting between sex and people getting slashed with swords every 20 seconds, and I haven't seen that yet.

I might just be remembering it wrong. I'm also watching spartacus and I though there was already a lot of sex is there supposed to be more. I think they might do? I heard that in the US Skyler have Walt a handjob in the first episode of Breaking Bad, however in the UK version on Netflix that scene seems to have been censored out? I'm unaware of any other examples though. Or I happen to have downloaded some form of extended edition back when it originally aired.

I am sure that this is exclusive to Netflix US.

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Jan 06,  · Netflix's unprecedented international expansion is quickly taking shape as a pivotal moment in the service's history, but it's also introducing some new and imposing problems. When asked by The. Netflix shows exactly what the studios give them. So if there is censoring going on, it's done by Starz before they hand it over to Netflix. Netflix doesn't edit content. Posts Tagged ‘Learn how to censor movies on Netflix’ For Parents of Toddlers: How To Block Some G-Rated Movies & Not Others.