How do I change the IP address of a TP-Link Wireless Router (Green UI)?

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How to check the MAC address of TP-Link router
Do not forget to save all these settings and then all your devices will get the internet settings according the bandwidth that you have configured. Firmware update for TP-Link router is only possible using the http: Is this faq useful? Can you ping Change your IP Address to Type the Web Management Port. B after enabling the WiFi you have to restart your modem to take effect, but you will no longer able to login again I hope this will work for you.

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How to configure Address Reservation on TP-Link wireless router

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Anyone please help me out? Blackwood 2, 5 13 Bilal 41 1 1 2. Can you ping I found additional help here: B after enabling the WiFi you have to restart your modem to take effect, but you will no longer able to login again I hope this will work for you. Kunal 1, 5 17 Mohamed Sakr 21 2. Can't I open the configuration page by connecting to WiFi.

I can do so, in my other router. Is there any way to open configuration page over WiFi? I have a TP-Link wireless access point, so this might apply too IOW RTFM really carefully, it will explain exactly what to do ;- If it's still not working, try basic things like trying to ping the router and telling us any errors that appear.

Piku 1 2 Based on your description, it sounds like your computer settings are causing the issue. Re-connect to the router network which should be TP-Link at this point if you are wireless. John C 70 1. Just restart your router , this is a security feature: Change your IP Address to It is very likely the author's issue was caused by a bug in the router's firmware. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Sign up using Facebook. Here, pay attention to the Password Recovery section. Next, click on the checkbox of Enable Password Recovery.

Also, specify mailbox To to receive recovery letter. Just in case, mailbox From sends recovery letter which needs encryption, choose Enable Authentication. Click on Save to save changes. How to Use Remote Management? Now, login to your Tp-link router with the password, you have created earlier for the router.

Visit Advanced option, then System Tolls and next Administration. Now, complete the settings into remote management sections as required. Type the Web Management Port.

Click on Save button to save changes. Restore and Backup Configuration Settings Want to save your last personalized settings? If yes, launch a web browser and visit http:

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rows · Most TP-LINK routers have a default IP address of The IP . Change the IP address to preference, then click Save. Note: After changing your IP address, you’ll need to type the new router IP address into the web browser to log into the router. To learn more details about each function and configuration, go to Download Center to download the digital manual of your product. Fill the TP-Link router login address in the address bar. // net Press enter key and fill the login details that is, user name and the password. // net Go for the quick setup option select the time zone for your location. // net.