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This page is generously sponsored by Indonet. When the internet was launched in Indonesia in it reached , subscribers; by that figure had grown to 80 million. However, the circuits have been fine-tuned so that the same phone line can also transfer digital data at high speed. So off we went. If you want cable TV and a reliable internet connection, sufficiently fast for instant streaming, then FastNet is probably your best option. After calling the vendor of the modem again a technician arrived and restored the settings with no charge for their after-sales service! Telkom seems able to do this because they can use their existing fixed line infrastructure, while their competitors must either install new cables, or compete for access to the very overloaded mobile phone infrastructure.

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List of Internet Service Provider in Indonesia

Microwave supports bandwidth up to kbps, and unlike a telephone line there are no media and line rental costs. So, other than the cost of the hardware, all you pay is for the ISP membership. In Indonesia you also need a microwave transmitter license, approximately Rp 1,, USD per annum. I'm based in the Jakarta Stock Exchange building about 2. It cost me 3 million for the data card, and i pay monthly around , Rp for super fast connection.

The maximum data rate is 2. The great thing about this is i can use this on my laptop and go anywhere in Jakarta and still be able to use the EVDO data card with the same speed. There are 3 types of packets to choose from using their services and i opted for the cheapest MB free per month with 2Rp per KB charged if exceeded packet and am sofar very pleased with it. It also provides assistance in learning to setup and use WiFi. Both the Intego and Hawking hotspot finders find the strongest signal and indicate signal strength with lights.

Thanks to a visitor to the Expat Forum BigJon for the following explanation of just what bandwidth is! In other words, at any one point in time either a 'packet' of data or many packets of data up to a total of 50 mbps may pass through together, all at the very same time. Other packets will be in front and behind these packets just like passengers getting on a train through a door. Sometimes, with many users at the same time the packets of data are squeezed in order that they may fit through the 50 mbps tunnel.

This has the effect of slowing down the speed in which you receive data. Very large packets of data are often 'shaped' so that they fit through the bandwidth alongside other data packets. This also helps ensure the data is received complete as with say program downloads. Therefore, ISPs are able to sell access to many thousands of people.

The problem arises when they all connect at the same time! All ISPs, however, claim that usage is monitored and if data transmission speeds regularly slow down then they purchase more bandwidth.

There are some other tricks, such as dividing the total bandwidth across subscriber groups, so that the true bandwidth you have access to is not a total of 50 mbps, but less.

Individual consumers rarely have preferential treatment over corporate customers of ISPs. Having dedicated packet access is a more specific method of purchasing bandwidth, whereby you are guaranteed a minimum connection speed at all times for a typical packet of data.

Similarly, the medium you use to receive data may slow down the speed. Although fiber optic cables technically allow data to move at the speed of light, the number of routers between you and the ISP's gateway will effect performance.

Similarly, if the medium changes in microwave transmissions before getting to you then this may also effect performance, particularly on a smoggy day in Jakarta. At times we all feel a little 'in the dark' when discussing connection-related terminology with our ISP, and we worry that we can easily get the wool pulled over our eyes.

Often, an ISP will quote a 'typical' connection speed for their connection. The 56 kbps connection quoted is only typical from the ISP to their local Gateway. The true factor affecting speed is the international ratio.

This may not be so important for the home user, since most ISP ratios are pretty much equal their connection speeds to the international backbones lead to a speed of 3 kbps per user , but this is critical for dedicated or leased-line connections of a greater bandwidth.

If you really want a fast connection, users should ensure that they ask for a 1: You will pay accordingly, so be aware of what you are purchasing.

As new Internet access options open up for consumers in Indonesia, we will gain experience in the advantages and disadvantages of one Internet access method vs. As we've seen happen time and time again, as a new access service becomes popular and lots of people switch over, then the initial success appears to back-fire with reducing connection speeds for the ever increasing numbers of users utilizing a fixed bandwidth.

As always, remember - buyer beware! The Expat Forum on this site abounds with stories of customers' headaches from almost all of these Internet connection methods. Also, if you see a drastic change in your service, it could be that there are problems somewhere in the network. If Indosat is having problems with their backbone, then almost everyone is having problems since most of the ISPs rent bandwidth from Indosat.

Since no one enjoys the World-Wide-Wait - we all welcome the services being made available to improve our connections to the Internet in Indonesia. The ISPs certainly are striving hard to improve their service options to their valuable expat and Indonesian customers.

Hi, I am an expat who came to Indonesia from Singapore over a year ago, and after a lot of investigation, figured to go with Telkomsel's Speedy Game connection 1mbps a couple of months back - seems that is the single largest mistake I have made in my life after coming to Jakarta. I use the internet at home infrequently around 30min a day but generally download or stream fairly heavily while using the internet from home. Numerous calls to the customer support have been fruitless. The support guys are the most useless I have probably interacted with - they are very polite, but they don't mean a thing of what they say.

They never take ANY action nor ever revert back. One thing that they do a lot however, is lying to the customer. And I have caught them lying quite often. Well I am still stuck with this internet problem provider maybe that's what I should call them instead of ISP , so would advise one to check their options. I have heard First Media is far superior but it's cable based, so I expect it to be better anyway.

In general, they all are delinquent for the services they provide versus the promises they make. My latest battle is with First Media. I checked with various ISPs and found the offer from First Media attractive because of the connection cable , and Internet Speed offered in combination with a fairly decent TV package. We have had several service people come to our house to try to fix things. Recently FirstMedia introduced their FastNet upgrade which I happily applied for because for the Internet the faster the better applies.

They came to my house and changed the cable modem which now included a wireless router - which rendered my own, expensive, router PLUS repeater useless. None of the postings on this forum constitute offers or solicitations to buy any products or services from the Expat Web Site Association.

All opinions and statements are made in a personal capacity by the posters to this forum and they are solely responsible for the contents of their posts..

For further information, please consult our Posting Guidelines. Login or Sign Up Log in with Facebook. Search in titles only. Mark Channels Read Member List. List of Internet Service Providers in Indonesia. This is a sticky topic. List of Internet Service Providers in Indonesia , Feel free to add any missing ISPs in replies bellow, so far I just listed the major players that are relatively well known and have reasonable prices.

After you complete the online registration form, a customer service representative will call you to make an appointment for an installation. The installation will cost at least Rp ,, including 30 meters of cable. You don't pay the technicians but instead pay later electronically. A downside of FastNet is that you have to use their cable modem, which has a monthly rental fee of Rp 20, to Rp 60, depending on which type of package you're subscribed to. You can't just buy the modem.

You can however, buy a wireless modem from them for Rp , if you want to set up a wireless network. The hidden charges mean that their basic combo package of 94 channels and 6Mbps internet, listed as Rp ,, actually costs closer to Rp , This is still tremendous value. If you are late paying your monthly account, they will disconnect you. FastNet Internet Only Products.

There is an installation fee of Rp , A SmartBox has to be rented monthly from Rp 40, to Rp 60, depending on the type of subscription. Innovate Internet Only Options. Internet-only service is available in Semarang, Yogyakarta, Malang and Surabaya. The company uses fiber optic metro ethernet and hybrid fiber coaxial cable.

You will have to sign a six-month contract for an apartment and a month contract for a house or office. New subscribers have to purchase a Rp , starter pack, comprising: It uses two technologies: Installation costs Rp 1 million.

A month subscription is required. If you decided to terminate or change the service before the contract expires, you'll be hit with an early termination fee of Rp 4.

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