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Of course, once Human Rights Watch started to chime in, that's a broad clue as to what may be going on Her party won the elections and she has a dominant role in the government. More local and personal dimensions of the spat include many intermarriages and competitions between Saudi and Qatari tribes and families. Especially recently, Bangladesh has dynamically increasing textile industry that employs millions, and Rohingas are escaping to Bangladesh and Thailand -- in Thailand they are employed in conditions of virtual slavery. I have been asked many times if people will have their laptops, disk drives and flash drives inspected when they enter Saudi Arabia.

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Yemen crisis: Who is fighting whom?

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This article is part of a series on the politics and government of Saudi Arabia; Basic Law. The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have no diplomatic relations following an attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran in January Bilateral relations between the countries have been strained over several geo-political issues such as the interpretations of Islam, aspirations for leadership of the Islamic world, oil export . VPNs for Saudi Arabia are one of the best ways to access websites that are considered illegal by the Saudi government, and allow users to utilize otherwise banned content.