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Learn more about Social Media. It's a red app with a white triangle in the middle. Not Helpful 8 Helpful 7. If you aren't already logged into YouTube, click Sign in and enter your email address and password to continue. Navigate to the channel settings To access your channel settings, click on the pencil icon that appears in the same box as your name at the top right corner, and select Channel Settings.

Find your channel's user ID & channel ID

YouTube Channel Name vs. Username

If you're automatically signed in, but want to change your forgotten password, click on the icon or thumbnail in the upper-right corner, then click on Sign out. Click on Sign in. It's in the upper-right corner of the browser window. Enter your email address. It's the blue button beneath your email address. Click on Forgot password? It's a link just below the blue Sign in button. Answer a security question. If you don't know the answer to the first question, click on Try a different question near the bottom of the window.

Click on the blue button. It's label, "Next" or "Send text message," for example, will change based on the security question you choose to answer. If you have not already done so, you need to log into your YouTube account. On any page on YouTube, click on your avatar in the top right corner. Click on settings the little gear , then under your email address, the button marked advanced.

In the advanced menu, the top part will show your channel URL. If you have not changed it yet, you have the option to create a custom URL. Now click on this link. If not, it will take you straight to where you need to go to change it.

You get another chance with your channel name though. This will change your account's username or channel name. Can I add a YouTube-only username without affecting my Google accounts? Not Helpful 3 Helpful Go to your Google Plus page and click your name.

You should see the option to change your name, but you can only change it every 3 months. Not Helpful 15 Helpful Right now you cannot change your username from the mobile app or website, according to Google support. You're limited to using a computer or perhaps the desktop version of the site on your mobile, if that's possible.

Not Helpful 18 Helpful If you really want a new username, just make a new account with it. Not Helpful 11 Helpful 9. You just have to think of a new one. If a username is unavailable, it means it is already taken, or unusable because it may cause confusion. Not Helpful 8 Helpful 7. What do I do if I signed up using my Google name and want a different username? You can edit your username on your account settings or make a new account.

Not Helpful 25 Helpful 8. The URL will stay the same unless you create a new channel and merge it. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 1. How do I change my account name and not just my user name? Answer this question Flag as

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By Doug Sahlin, Chris Botello. If you forget your YouTube username or password, don’t panic. YouTube has your e-mail address, and you can retrieve your forgotten. Jun 22,  · The YouTube username is the bit after com/user/ in the URL for a conventionally named YouTube channel or the email address/Google account username if . I signed in with a YouTube username If you created your channel before May and haven't been signed in since , we have automatically connected your channel to a Brand Account. You need to link that Brand Account to an existing Google Account so you can access your channel.