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P adress and that. This Dark Web, whatever it is it sounds like something that should be shut down. It will allow you to display the image on both your computer and TV, or just on the TV screen. Why the fuck would anybody want to see that? It makes me angry, hopefully someone can give me further guidance ….

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Why can't I get onto the internet?

Did you realize no body will any clue what you are talking about. Where did you see the place that required a coupon? The Deep Web also includes libraries, banks, hidden services, and other special access databases. Nope think I will stay out of there. Does not sound like a place I need. Lord I hope we can keep the internet without all kinds of rules and regulations blocking us from things.

Since obama gave our net away. Can someone please help me get off the short bus. This is pretty short and to the point darkwebnews. Sorry my ignorance and my broken English. Plus I believe that [except Child Pornography and Renting Assassins] in this country you watch whatever you fucking balls want it.

I DO… I say and watch whatever my fucking balls need to say. Why is the fear to watch say and do whatever the fucking you want? Is about posting Sick-videos? I really dint got it. The fucking George Bush dint kill about of this own people [excluding the Jews who was alert not to go to work that day? I say and Buy whatever fucking mother I want. I am taking some Advil as we write. All he had to say was: The difference is on the dark web you can find videos of people being tortured.

If you need more detail look up Redroom Torture darkweb. Why the fuck would anybody want to see that? You are a sick fuck. You should not even be allowed online.

That video has been debunked. Reading this, i feel sick. You shouldnt be here on this earth you little fuck. My GOD, the rambling diarrhea that spewed out of your dense little mind. Worser became a word well-known after we decided dictation is upon us.

If anyone can think, I will feel. Wow,,you are seriously retarded. Give us your address so we can help you with your problem. Political Activist,,,i only wish our paths could cross…who knows,,anything can happen jorge. Am looking into things to buy, nothing violent or such just for my own gratification in my own home , not hurting anyone maybe myself in long run , but nice to know of a site I can go to to obtain what I want for simple fun in privacy of home.

I want CSV files of any data with names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, etc! Who gives a shit what these creepy fucks do with the Deep Throat, Darth Vader site.

They need their cunts washed with lye. Are you sure about this? Maybe you should read this: It may change your mind. Bitcoin unacessable in Australia — WTF — is there any option for us?? You can by bitcoins, just use a different country. Can you help please??? Great work, you are miles ahead of these nerds. Step one is to find a Blade of Superior Sharpness. Take care of it, you filthy little fat girl. ONLY run this file using Window Home, or your computer will only play a gif of 3 farmers unsuccessfully trying to make love to a admittedly sexy goat until you decide to throw the offending device into the Baltic Sea.

If this seems like too much work, try to obtain access to a breast. Those things work wonders. I see the hidden Agenda and the power beneath it!!! It makes me angry, hopefully someone can give me further guidance …. Just follow this guide on the page. Read the whole page buddy, it has link for lists of places to visit.

I live in a rural, mountainous area of the US. My internet connection is a copper wire DSL type provided by the local phone company. Why would you even bother if you cant enter the darker side of town?? Most of you that posted cant even figure out what tools you need to get to the Deep Nets, so perhaps you should train your minds by going to some dive bar first!!! Then walk some tracks at 3am and hang out with whomever you meet.

Have I been misled? Its a dangerous place. I need a Hacker to help me, my ex fucked me over I know some numbers and info to help you, she took all my money… Can u help?? That was some of the funniest Shit I have read in a article comment section, except the guy going on about the stuff he wanted to do in the privacy of his own home and trying to justify it to himself.

Wow…the general population is filled with inbred retards. This comment section proves that. Knowledge is not inherently bad; but, it can bring about the greatest evils in the world.

It can also bring about a tremendous amount of growth and progress. If you can not handle the knowledge, if you can not enter with an open mind; you will be torn and changed when you are done.

The truth only seems terrifying. Seek truth and find power. Fear nothing but the perversion of your own mind. And rise as a true member of this monstrous species, informed and strong.

Be more than you ever have been, and be less than all the world around you, one and connected through all time. I do hope I find what things your mind releases into the ether. This Dark Web, whatever it is it sounds like something that should be shut down.

Maybe the government authorities would also use tor to catch these disgusting excuses for lives that inflict that? There is a thing in my country called the Data Protection Act. What encryption software is best? Great information you just have to sort through the BS lol.

What configuration is more secure? Any link to a forum with discussions or reply about relative strengths and weaknesses? After reading comments this is way out of my league. Not where I even need to attempt to be. Do not fool your selves. Dark web is designed by secret intelligence to catch small fry while they protecting elite.

Who needs the dark web for entertainment when you can just come here and read these comments. Now I know why so many people are scammed. Can someone email me on software hacking? I can pay fairly well for the service, and I need it. If you can help me by selling me the software hacking or getting into a University system for me, please let me know. It has to be real so it can pass through the National Student Clearinghouse. I need the help to support my kids. No hacks, I am serious for this. Tor browser has stopped working?.

We were all created equally with a brain, use your brain and you will find the way, you should Think twice if this is really something you would like to do. I can dig it and I can do it. You will be seen!

Will I at Poker Stars? I am an American citizen and our country is not FREE enough for a 64 year old white man to play internet poker for real cash. Or any color for that matter.

They read an entire article on staying anonymous and then post into this comment section using their normal browser and no vpn to ask for hacking tutorials and assasins…. If goes further than that. Just recently DWN Darkwebnews. Before that people used to put their real name, real email, link to their Facebook and some times even their phone numbers. When you go to a shop and pay with cash the sales person does not know where you live.

If u just asjed to join annonymous it shows u dont know the first thing about anonymous anonymous isnt centralized anyone and everyone can be anonymous but dont go claimin shit u know nothin of ull get ur ass fucked hacke jacked and left lookin like a fool when ur whole lifes gone over night. Seriously, I didnt know people are this stupid, I have to admit, it entertaining, I did read all the posts. You must remember that half of all people are below average.

This forum sort of proves that. If the population of U. A is ,, then that is ,, below average people. How many below average people join the military then go on to achieve high rank and then stupidly invade as many third world countries as they can. I live in Cambodia, A poor country. I want to join here. I need advice from any Master thanks, Poor boy,. Hello, I need somebody Facebook , password And username. I just wanted to access the dark web so I could find every episode of downtown abbey without paying.

Entah kenapa pikiran ku kacau setelah nonton video ngaecker,jadi saya ingin seperti anda anonymous. I have followed each step as you have told and it was achievable. Now there is total anonymity but what if people starts to submit their own names in deep web even though they might be anonymous they could be tracked in the real world right.

I have seen some people do that. It might become an actual threat soon. Better be safe than be sorry. Cant agreed more to all I am afraid, Human beings are the ones created all sorts troublesome issues, pros and cons bruh. The best way is to shut up and watch porns. What the point of reading all this? I wonder when this world will end and restart everything again. This will be good for all. No one knows anything after all. Omg omg I am changing all my passwords right now to everything I ever had a password for..

I met this girl. She was just perfect. The thing is she is from america and was only in europe for the weekend. Now she is gone and all i have a name and a blury picture. Can a hacker find her for me on facebook or any other social media so i can contact her. Nice I Am from Anonymous communication. I Hacking learn hacking me if you can, please reply me your best course.

Hi I am looking for someone who is good at hacking bank account. As can figure out how to transfer it on to another account. I can send you specimens vision with very high resolution by email to judge my work. Can anyone help me out. Hello am from Africa….. Go on, read it all- you will never doubt your sanity again….

I know you have a lot of money but I can issued confusion in banks. Want to make money fast and expect someone to show you or wanted to be added to the AHG. Not so easy bru. Ever heard of Rat virus, Cryptal , Zeus learn how to use this tools.. Someone plz contact me and tell me how to join anonymous!!! Really interested and wanna become part of this amazing group.

I have no life and im broke with nothin to lose im almost on the streets. Ill do anything ill run drugs. Ill do street fights. Hell ill even be a hitman. Im just a 24 year old young man who has nothing to lose.

Leave a reply and we will see. Serious business but I always new ppl. VipinPalathully Gopi Replied on January 20, Before we proceed, please answer the questions. Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply?

Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. How satisfied are you with this response? This site in other languages x. Hook your player or gaming system up to your TV using the reccommended cables. Follow guidelines given by the manufacturer of the player or gaming system to access streaming content on the Internet. Check the connections on your computer and your TV.

You can purchase cables at numerous places such as Radio Shack, or online at newegg. Change the display settings on your computer so that your computer can detect your TV.

For instance, if you're using windows, you can go to the display setting on the control panel to select multiple monitors. It will allow you to display the image on both your computer and TV, or just on the TV screen.

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Sep 10,  · I understand that you are unable to get back Internet explorer on the desktop. I would suggest you to follow the steps given below to bring back Internet Explorer on the desktop. Before we proceed, please answer the questions. Mar 10,  · you are on the internet all the internet is is a big link of computers allowing you to Access information games email and yahoo answers a Status: Resolved. May 15,  · i want to use the internet without using the Sim card.i am using LENOVO Idea tab.i don,t know how to connect the internet through Wifi.