‘The Strangers’ Remains the Most Terrifying Movie of the Last Decade

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For the very best, scroll down to A little boy has been kidnapped by a witch, and while she pre-heats her oven he tries to distract her by telling scary stories. New On Amazon Prime September While it suffers to the same discombobulating non-linear narrative of its American remake, and ended up establishing a precedent which would become a tired trend in presentation of malevolent entities, Ju-On: Powerful stuff, directed with humor and insight by Rusty Cundieff, and produced by Spike Lee.

The House Next Door (2017)

The Best Horror Movies of the Decade So Far, Ranked

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Chris, Haleigh, and Perri take a look at the best horror movies of the decade so far, including Insidious, Sinister, You're Next, and The Conjuring. Jun 29,  · Split -- A rare superhero-horror genre mashup, and a surprise sequel to Unbreakable, this one might have the best horror film performance of the decade. The Killing of the Sacred Deer-- This mesmerizing film's nightmarish logic pulls you in and leaves you contemplating the moral choices of its outstanding cast. Read More: Best Horror Movies of All Time. Insidious () A family changes house and move into a new one. The couple has three children, the youngest of whom, Damysteriouslyiously slips into a coma without a medical explanation. An old friend, Elise, unveils Dalton’s father Josh’s ability to travel the other world.