What do the lights mean on a standard network connector card?

What is the delivery time for Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband service?

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B' 17 Oct , Grand Theft Auto V Update v1. There are specialty players from companies such as Function Communications , Theta Digital , and Vigatec with SDI serial digital interface output, but they connect only to high-end or production equipment. High-density formats use blue or violet lasers to read smaller pits, increasing data capacity to around 15 to 30 GB per layer. But, speed tests still only showed nothing higher than 3 Mbps - which tells me that either my line had to be physically moved to another port on the DSLAM that was higher than 3 Mbps, or that because my plan wasn't set up that way from Billing that it wouldn't work.

What's with the 3Mbps limitation on DSL, and why does Verizon refuse to offer higher?

What does 1x mean on a Sprint iPhone 4S?

And if the internet is being used prior-to using On-demand; On-demand becomes unusable. I can use public WiFi that offers faster speeds for free. I can connect to any xfinitywifi hotspot and get pretty close to double the speeds I'm paying for. Can even tether to my slow cell phone with barely-supported-in-my-area 3G and get better speeds.

There's zero reason why a paid landline connection can't go faster than those Does Verizon sell Fios in your area? They want their customers to upgrade to more profitable plans. Nope, no FIOS in my area, and considering the general area; there probably isn't any immediate plans if at all to offer it. I live "somewhat" close to Pittsburgh, and from my understanding there's places there that don't even have FIOS yet.

I agree, it's super frustrating. I'm about 10, feet from the new remote terminal that was built. I asked about a higher speed, and called into the Presidential Appeals dept. He said it could easily handle a sync at the 10 Mbps speed, and set it there. I stayed synced there for over two weeks until it went back to But, speed tests still only showed nothing higher than 3 Mbps - which tells me that either my line had to be physically moved to another port on the DSLAM that was higher than 3 Mbps, or that because my plan wasn't set up that way from Billing that it wouldn't work.

I am not sure if it is a capacity issue or not, but it clearly is not a distance issue. I have no other options available, and 3 Mbps is fine for most things, but you're right - it does NOT work well with Directv on demand. Especially the "start over" options from the guide where it has to stream. But, I have seen people report that they have 50 Mbps cable Internet and still have problems with the streaming.

I really don't know what it is, but I'm fed up with the "no higher than 3 Mbps "just because" " policy. Even if it is Frontier or CenturyLink, who have their share of issues, they might be more willing to offer higher speeds because that is the only service they provide; they have no over priced wireless business to make gobs and gobs of money from.

It's possible that you are coming out of a remote terminal or remote DSLAM, rather than a full blown central office. Verizon seems to have an unspoken rule or habit of only provisioning 3Mbps and below to customers on the remotes. To augment that, it's been seen in some cases that they are running Fiber to the remotes, but only supply the equivalent of several T1 circuits rather than OC-3 Fiber or better.

If you're coming out of a CO instead, it's also been seen that Verizon has a habit of selling only 3Mbps out of congested COs or those with lesser connectivity running to the CO. The thing you can do, is pressure Verizon into giving you at least 7Mbps. With those stats you should have no problems at all. It's going to take weeks of pushing to get the job done, but it is possible. About the installation, is it about modem installation or fiber installation? My land-line extension number can not receive incoming calls.

You said 24hrs wait for activation. Answering machine states that number is not existing. Our landline has no dial tone for more than 1 week and my Mother has been contacting you since last week but no response from you. I hope you will read my message since we badly need our landline to be fix right away. I am printing my SOA before payment. Why is your service like this? You must do something more better than this. Our Telephone 63 , is always out of service, many times I pay the monthly dues on time without receiving any service.

Please check our telephone lines and the PLDT post in our place should be replaced. Not only me suffer, but also our neighbors. I am working abroad and I need to contact my family at all times. Everytime I call a programmed response always informing me that a major breakdown causes the interruption and that your team is doing their best to restore the service.

But obviously your best is not good enough! Whenever I waited for your customer representative it always takes me forever before they take on my call! May I request that my subscription to your myhomeDSL be terminated asap? But I wanted to keep the landline. Our internet connection has been intermitent and have been reported. It was acted upon but unfortunately the problem still exist. Have checked the junction box and was surprise seeing the wire cables directly connected to each other.

This is not the kind of repair we would expect from your service technician. Even if there is no person in the house, you could easily repair the connections without the permission of the client since it has been reported to your office and you have the service report number. HI, I want to know if you are really responding to complaints and or queries? Your advertisement does not match the service you are providing. You must do something to upgrade your service.

I hope PLDT would do something about this. How come that my payment is still floating when I paid it 2 weeks before the due date! Then your customer service agent said that there is no way for you to contact the billing department so we have to settle it face to face to them. You have a big company, you should have someone assigned to contact the billing department.

The same thing happened to me. I received a reference number and a certain JM Madrid reported that he spoke to me and fixed our problem when in fact our problem persists and he has not definitely talked to me. We have been a customer of PLDT for some time in Surigao our conection was broken for 12 days and all we got was excusses service man is bissy wire broken etc etc now we lose the internet at least once a week for a day.

When we complain the manager is out of town etc etc we would change providers but the others do work here.

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To create 10 Mbps review we checked wow-cataclysm-guides.tk reputation at lots of sites, including Siteadvisor and MyWOT. Unfortunately, we did not find sufficient information whether 10mbps is safe for children or does not look fraudulent. 1x is short for CDMA 1xRTT, which only supports dialup speeds. When your phone shows the generic term 3G it is using EV-DO which supports low end broadband speeds, hence why 1x is so much slower. Nov 23,  · Hi wow-cataclysm-guides.tk first time posting here, so apology up front if I skipped some details (please lemme know ^^)My internet sub is 6Mbps. But my lan speed is 10mbps wow-cataclysm-guides.tkng and streaming and.